Thursday, January 5, 2012

January: The Month of Diet & Exercise

I'm not much of a dieter. I like to work out (P90X please) but I also like to sleep in. And I like ice cream. And chips. I don't know that much about health and fitness, really.

It's January, so diets and workouts are all around us. TV commercials, conversations, blogs, the veggie drawer in my fridge...

Everyone talks about their goal weight. I don't have one. I have a goal feeling. How I feel is way more important than any number on a scale.

Plus, in my late teens, I looked like this...

That's probably somebody's goal weight. Not mine. I'm not that person anymore. That person = a cheerleader who gave away her food every day at the lunch table. Anorexic? No. Picky? Yes. I only ate on days when we had chicken strips, pizza, or John Wayne Casserole (I'm from a podunk town in Mississippi in case you forgot).

Plus, when I gained a few (or more) pounds in college...I got boobs! I'd never had them before. And I'd like to keep them.

So I'm just gonna stick with my P90X, try not to eat Mexican food more than once a week, and maybe consider cutting down on meat and upping my veggie intake.
Nothin' crazy.

Are you getting healthy this year (or month)?


  1. Hey old friend!

    Diets...are lame. And you know your boobs were the envy of me and Holly freshman year anyway so I'm glad you're opting to keep them : ).

    You're beautiful and you have a very loving, caring and giving heart. Just keep that the same, mmkay?


  2. Goal feeling is def better than a goal weight. I have some goal pants-- does that count? Lol.

  3. I completely 100% agree with you. I used to have friends that would weigh themselves every DAY! It was baffling to me...I have never cared about what I weighed, as long as I look into the mirror and feel good (which isn't always the case...)....and I know I will never be as small as I was in HS!

  4. I completely identify with this post. Nothing crazy is necessary, it's the little things that make you feel better about yourself. The one thing that I disagree with? Mexican once a week. I'd be having that sh-t every night if I could!!

    Book recommendations straight off the top of my head - Bossypants by Tina Fey, She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb, the Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. Wonderful, all of them!

  5. It took me forever to realixe i dont have a goal weight but instead a feeling! I definitely want to be healthy this year :)

  6. Faye, you're so cute! Mexican is great, so is broccoli. Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal feeling this year, my love!