Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

I had the most boring, lazy, perfect weekend. I only left the house once, never put on makeup, and slept a whole lot. Now it's back to work. Hopefully this week will go by as fast as last week did. Let's get it started with some miscellany tidbits.

[Criminal Minds]

So, we all know I'm a tad bit obsessed with Criminal Minds, right? I've seen every episode multiple times. Last night I was watching a marathon and got so excited because my favorite episode was on.

The unsub (unidentified subject, or, bad guy) kidnaps father/daughter pairs. He also kidnaps homeless men. He then makes the father fight the homeless men in an empty pool. Loser dies. Not the best storyline for the show. But it's my favorite because it's the hottest unsub.


Before the CM marathon, I watched the Broncos v Steelers game. No matter where you stand on the Tebow issue, it was a great game. With an amazing ending. The Broncos won with a touchdown pass from Tebow on the first play of overtime. 

But the real issue here isn't football at all, is it? (Yes, it is. But nobody will let it be.) The people that hate on Tebow for being a Christian really bother me. The people that hate on people for hating on Tebow for being a Christian bother me even more. I saw a Facebook thread after the game where someone said that Tebow deserved the win more because Roethlisberger is a rapist and Tebow is a Christian.

I'm a Christian and I have way more respect for non-Christians than I do for hypocritical Christians. Now, can we let this be about football again? Cause we all know Tebow is gonna get beat next week anyway.


Mr. Mosby turned 5 months old Saturday. And he still only weighs 25 lbs. I'll be rather disappointed if he doesn't grow into his big paws. 
But he's handsome so I guess I'll keep him anyway.

[BCS Championship]

Sorry Bachelor Ben, I'll be watching football tonight. SEC vs SEC. Of course, we're the best conference in the nation. And I'll be rooting for LSU. Let's Geaux Tigers. (Bama is right there with State on my "most hated SEC teams" list.)

Do the Brad Wing.


To go along with the crazy fog outside, I'm listening to a very somber/mellow/awesome playlist today. It includes this beauty.

How is your Monday?

Coming this week: My 2012 goals & and explanation of why I almost quit blogging.


  1. Kinda looks like Jeremy Sisto at the top:

  2. Couldn't agree with you more on the Tebow point. The rise of the judgmental Christian is killing me.

    Also, please say your dog is named after Ted. Too cute.

    Great song choice, by the way. I always love your taste in music.

  3. You make me smile. Just wanted to say thanks. Oh - that and Go Pats! (I'm a Tebow fan in New England, but my boys will always trump anyone else.)

  4. It is painfully ironic that some Christians are behaving exactly as Jesus WOULD NOT HAVE. :(