Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NOT Okay, Cupid.

About a year ago, an old roommate (dude) of mine signed up for online dating with OK Cupid. He met a girl. It didn't work out. But still, he told me I should sign up. Reluctantly, I did. I never planned on meeting someone...

And I didn't. Because I don't respond to creepy ass messages from strangers on the internet. However, it is fun to check my junk mail (where the messages go) every now and then to laugh at the things guys must think girls want to hear.

A few recent examples:

Are you a 4th grader? No cause 4th graders can spell "you're".

Umm.. No thanks.

Well, would you consider giving me free pedicures?

Get away from me.

I've also seen multiple people I went to high school with, someone I know who is MARRIED, I've gotten way too many messages that start with the words "hey there [insert one of the following:] beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, and lovely", and, worst of all...someone with the username "exconwithtats" messaged me...

Is your name Faye?

Uh oh. No. No it's not.

Now, I'm not knocking online dating for everyone. The commercials tell me that 1 in 5 relationships now begin online and I say -- that's great. But I want to be one of the other 4.

Okay, now I'm off to go Facebook stalk boys I think are cute cause that's totally not the same thing.


  1. lol, those are terrible!
    I was on a dating site a few years back after a break up and this guy who was easily in his late 40's would message me like he'd known me forever and tell me how he was gonna take me on dates, etc. I responded a couple of times telling him I wasn't interested and then telling him to stop contacting me (neither of which deterred him). Well, when I got on match this summer (and where I met my current boyfriend), who was on there but this same guy...YEARS later...with the same dumb lines.
    People can be creepers.

  2. Oh my gosh-- I love the "get at me" comment. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. And if foot massages and pedicures are involved with this foot fetish, then maybe-- until he starts to get creepy. Who advertises that they are an "exconwithtats"??

  3. OOh haha Those messages have been the story of my life the last 2 months. Its no wonder I have only gone on 2 dates!

  4. bahahaha! I love that the ex con with tats knew your name! hilarious. Creepsters!

  5. hahahaha. i have so much to say and at the same time, i have no words.

  6. LOL this post is the exact reason I have never tried online dating!