Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Romantic Comedy Daydreams

I've always had an active imagination. I guess that's why I've always loved to write.

But maybe my imagination is a little too active. Any time I'm not seriously focusing on a task (something at work, watching television, shaving my legs...) I am daydreaming.
And let me tell daydreams are detailed. And completely unrealistic. I've been the star of many a romantic comedy (with a great stylist and an unlimited budget) in my mind.

There was the one where we met at a wedding and instantly fell in love. The one where we locked eyes at a concert and instantly fell in love. The one where we bumped into each other at a sporting event and instantly fell in love.

Most of the time, my costar is Ben Affleck. Sometimes it's someone I don't know. Sometimes it's someone I do know. But it's usually Ben Affleck.

Basically, my daydreams have spoiled me. I want an epic first meeting with my future love. That ain't gonna happen. I'll probably meet him at a bar and then throw up on his shoes (I mean at church during communion, Mom). Cheesy love-at-first-sight romance only happens in the movies. So I should probably stop daydreaming.

Or become a screenwriter.


  1. Haha you do the cute face in the holes! I always do messed up ones where it's a 800 lb naked man or a midget stripper bahaha!

  2. HAHA! at church during communion! I feel the same way about Ryan Gosling... mmmhmm!

  3. My unrealistic expectations have me looking for a combination of Seth Meyers, John Krasinski, and Jason Segel. That would make me a believer in love at first sight.