Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve

It's been a while. My last day at work was December 15, 2011 and my last post on faye'sbook was December 21, 2011. 2011! That was last year!

It was refreshing...unplugging. Or unblogging, really. Cause I still tweeted and got my Facebook updates. But I'm back and I'm happy.

Reflecting and looking back, 2011 was my least favorite of all of the (23) years I've been alive. It wasn't bad, per se. It was just blah. There were no big events (other than shaking Chris Cornell's hand), there were no changes (except adopting a puppy), I didn't really meet anyone new or do anything special. It was rather boring. And I didn't like it.

So here's to 2012. This is my year. Isn't it cheesy and stupid when people say that? Maybe 2012 Faye will be cheesy and stupid. I have resolutions and goals to accomplish, but I'll discuss that later. I'm gonna give myself a week to keep them before I share them with you.

I've decided I like Sex and the City and a Coldplay song. 2012 Faye is different already.

Happy New Year!


  1. I've been reading your blog for ages. I love it. 2011 was also the worst year of my life. Here's to 2012 being even marginally better?

  2. Hey, you moved in with me...that's A HUGE life change and the best thing that ever happened to you! :)

  3. Dear Faye, I hope 2012 is you year! I was kinda underwhelmed by 2011 also. Besides graduating... I wanna make 2012 my bitch!