Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to Dumpsville.

Have you ever had a bad dream about someone and it made you angry with them in real life? Has a dream ever made you angry at yourself?

This morning, I woke up heartbroken from a strange dream. I was at home* anxiously awaiting a phone call from my boyfriend (boyfriend in my dream was my ex boyfriend) as he was coming home from a long trip in Hawaii and I hadn't talked to him since he left*. 

He texted me letting me know that he was home safely but would have to wait to call me later. I was upset. I went to my sister and told her that he wasn't going to call me until later and it hurt my feelings because I missed him.

A smirk developed on her face** and she told me that he had sent her a text message and asked if he should break up with me over the phone or wait until he could do it in person.

A few minutes later, he called. I knew what he was calling to say. He told me he wanted to break up and that he'd never felt more right about a decision in his life. I asked him if he had been thinking of it before or if it was a new development (i.e., did he meet some Hawaiian girl). His response was, "I realized it the second I was away from you***."

I cried. Then I went into the next room to talk to my friends about it. Because it's a dream, it was possible for them to all magically appear in my living room as soon as I hung up the phone.

I was telling them the breakup story and they all stopped listening****. I ran to my room crying. And then I woke up.

*Signs I didn't notice in the dream. Why was I not picking up my boyfriend from the airport? And why had I not talked to him the whole time he was gone?
**My sister always smirks when she tells me bad news. I don't know if it's because she's half-smiling to make the news sound less bad, or if she gets some twisted satisfaction from delivering bad news.

What the hell does that dream mean? I've been super stressed out this week and have needed a good cry, so maybe I wanted to get it out in a dream since my eyes don't really leak much in real life. Or. Maybe, just maybe. It was the Universe getting me back for breaking up with him. Or, well, how I broke up with him.

Now, I would never send a breakup text message like Lindzi from the Bachelor supposedly received...

Welcome to Dumpsville, population: you!

But I did maybe kinda officially break up with my last boyfriend via text. What? I know, rude. But it wasn't really that bad. We were on a "break"* and when I realized it wasn't going to get better, I sent him something like "I just can't do this anymore". Then a phone conversation and in person conversation happened, too. But it was initiated via text. After a year and a half of dating.

But I didn't send him to Dumpsville. I sent him to the chapel. Cause less than 2 years later, he got married. 

*Breaks never work. Breaks are stupid. You either want to be with someone or you don't. 

Anyway, this dream has had me in a funk all day. Luckily, it's Friday...I'm leaving work an hour early, and I'm going out tonight. 

Happy weekend!!


  1. I hate dreams like that that leave you in a funk. :( And I agree with you-- "breaks" are never a good idea. They usually just are signs of the inevitable break up to come.

  2. O no!! So sad. But I do this too. I always wake up made at Kendol about something ha! He gets so annoyed bc I stay mad for a while. Ridic...

  3. i broke up with a boyfriend via text...after 5ish years of dating. yep, im a bad person. but he to is headed to the chapel soo..alls well that ends well?