Monday, January 16, 2012

Would You Rather?

I'm lying on my couch because I don't have to go to work today. (One of the many reasons MLK's dream was pretty damn awesome.) But, guys...I still have a case of the Mondays. Mosby woke me up at 5:30 wanting to go out. He then went out and came in approximately 38290 times and now that I can't go back to sleep, he's passed out on the couch with me. What a loser.

Thankfully Rachel is here to keep me company. And by that, I mean we're texting each other from rooms that are 10 feet apart. We're cool like that.

Rachel posted a Would You Rather blog post today and since I can't get back to sleep, I figured I'd play along. Thankfully the question "Would you rather get to sleep in or have a cute puppy?" isn't on there. Y'all might be ashamed of my answer.

Here we go.

Would you rather be given $5,000, no questions asked or lose 20 lbs with the guarantee of never gaining it back?
Shit. I'd have to pick the money at this point. I need a new car. But I have two beach trips in April. And 20 lbs? No, I think I'd have to pick the money.

Would you rather be poor and work in a job you absolutely love or be rich and work in a job you hate going to?
Shallow much? I'd rather be rich. I can do the things I love while I'm not at work. I guess maybe it depends on just how poor you actually mean. Begging for food/starving children/cardboard box house...I'll take the job I hate.

Would you rather have your flight delayed 8 hours or lose your luggage, only finding it after your trip is over?
Gotta have my luggage. Guess my trip is starting about 8 hours late. No big deal.

Would you rather go without Internet or a car for a month?
Not that I'm addicted to the Internet, but I'd pick a car. Oxford is bike friendly (ha, like I would bike to work) and has public transportation, I have great friends with cars, and I've become friends with the cabby who always takes me home from the bar. I'd be set.

Would you rather be a member of the cast of Friends or Sex and the City?
I was a big fan of friends when I was younger, and I just recently started watching Sex and the City. I really want to say neither, but I guess I'll go with Sex and the City.

Would you rather date someone 20 years older or 10 years younger?
I'd rather date someone 20 years older than 5 years younger. I've always dated older guys (though I've never gotten above an 8 year difference). I don't think I could handle babysitting.

Would you rather always have to say anything that comes to your mind or never be able to speak?
I already say anything/everything that comes to my mind. If not with my words, than with my facial expressions. But usually with my words.

Would you rather marry Kris Humphries or Scott Disick?
Give me Kris. I don't keep up with the Kardashians, but I watched the first half of the wedding (not so) special and I've caught parts of episodes here and there. I just have a thing for Kris. I think he's real. He's sarcastic and funny (and everyone seems to see that as him being mean to Kim). I won't get into how I think he really thought the marriage would last and she knew it wouldn't before it started, so I'll just say...I'd pick Kris. And he's so tall.

Would you rather be banned from Facebook or Blogger?
Oh, Facebook...of course. I'd rather read your anecdotes than see that so and so is breaking up with so and so and so and so changed her picture to a sonogram and so and so's feelings can only be described by a paragraph long song lyric.

Would you rather skip Christmas or your birthday?
My birthday of course. Aside from the real reason we celebrate brings everyone together. And I'd much rather have that. Plus, I get more presents on Christmas than I do on my birthday. Duh.

So...what would you rather?


  1. Love the honest answers. And really love that your dog's name is Mosby...I'm going back and starting with HIMYM from the beginning on Netflix Instant, even though I've already seen most of them. Just in case I missed one, that'll be taken care of.

    1. I had seen most of the episodes when I decided to go back and watch them in order. It's so much better seeing them that way!