Monday, February 20, 2012


Today would have been Kurt Cobain's 45th birthday.

birthday boy

In honor of Kurt's birthday, I'm gonna share a few fun facts with you. (i.e., I'm about to ramble.)

I won't argue with you about how and why Kurt died. Whether you think it was suicide or murder doesn't matter. It won't change the fact that he died. Everything happens for a reason. And I believe Kurt dying at 27 was a blessing. Nobody wanted to see him turn into a 45 year old sellout whose songs all sound exactly the same (cough*davegrohl*cough).

If I had gotten a tattoo when I was 18 that I'd never tell my mother about, it would have been a Nirvana tattoo. IF.

In Utero > Nevermind.

I'm very rarely attracted to blondes, but Kurt is my ideal. (Another blonde I was attracted to: Devon Sawa.)

Just as I only listen to Britney Spears on December 2, I will be listening to Nirvana (and only Nirvana) all day today. But that isn't much different than usual. 

Happy birthday Kurt!


  1. My brother is this huge Nirvana fan who will undoubtedly be spending today in mounring. By which I mean, wearing his Nirvana shirt.. re-reading that stupid Diary book for the billionth time, playing the same CD's on repeat and telling anyone who'll listen Kurt was murdered...
    You know what though, I' kind of with you on seeing the positive side to dying young. It's probably be just as heartbreaking to see him middle aged!

  2. Whoa there, whoa there. Number 3 is pretty intense. Not that I disagree, though, it's just hard to decide. In Utero has my favorite Nirvana song on it ("All Apologies"), but Nevermind may be a better album overall? I dunno...