Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heartbreaking Drama

No, my best friend didn't sleep with my boyfriend. Because I don't have a boyfriend. And my best friend would never do that. I'm talking about television drama.

One Tree Hill, to be exact.

If you watch One Tree Hill and haven't seen last week's episode (from 1/25), don't read this. Seriously. Stop now. Buh bye.

However, if you've already seen it...or if you never plan to watch it, let me tell you.

I watch a lot of TV. I never watch anything live, but my DVR records about five thousand shows a week. One Tree Hill is one of those shows. (And no, it's not still about teenage drama and basketball. Everyone is all grown up now.)

Of all the shows I've watched in my (almost) 24 years, the end of this episode is the most heartbreaking moment I have ever seen. Okay, maybe it's second to when Dr. Green died on E.R.

Back story: Julian (Brooke's husband and father to her twin boys) had a very important meeting this afternoon. He was nervous. And excited. He parked his car and walked around. He went to buy Scotch to celebrate. And then he got this phone call.

My heart literally stopped beating.

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  1. holy shit.

    i used to love one tree hill and randomly catch it here and there, but i had heard someone was supposed to die in this episode. omgomgomg.