Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: ENOVA

New band crush alert!


I love discovering new bands. How did I find out about Enova? My mom.

She texted me, "You need to check out Elliot & Andrew on the Amazing Race." To which I responded, "Don't watch it. Why?" And my mom, the wisest woman I know, said, "Just do it!"

So, I did it. And this is why.

Hello Elliot and Andrew.

Identical twins...but of course, I was drawn to Elliot. And of course, he's in a band.

Hot singer aside, I'm obsessed! Doesn't he sound a bit like Brandon Boyd?

Check them out here.

And yes, I will be watching the Amazing Race. And I'll be voting for Elliot & Andrew. Oh, you don't vote? It's an actual race? Okay. Whatever. I'm still voting.

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