Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday

Let's talk Grammys. I'm assuming you all watched, right?

First of all, fashion. I'm not even going there. I don't understand it. I don't get the blue hair or the dresses that look like tin foil. I don't get the crazy costumes (lookin' at you Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga) and I don't get the see through dresses (Fergie). My favorite dress was this girl that I don't even know. (And I only know who the designer is because of Amy Poehler.) I mean, come on, Kate Beckinsale didn't even look great.

Okay, enough of that. Now to the music. Performances. Chris Brown lip synched and he can't even dance like Usher. Katy Perry looked like an alien from Planet Cameltoe and I'm on Russell's side in the divorce. Though I don't hate the Foo Fighters newest song, I'm still not a fan. I think Rihanna had a seizure on stage, but damn...her body. Coldplay just doesn't do it for me. Adele (though I wouldn't call myself an Adele fan) stole the show and was absolutely breathtaking. I just remembered Taylor Swift performed a song that a 3rd grader wrote. Meh. Who else? Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney was beautiful. I fell asleep during Nicki Minaj's umm performance? and I had nightmares. Oh, I loved the Maroon5, Foster the People, Beach Boys thing. It was good. Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett was amazing, too. But. We all know, Adele was the best.

Except, is anyone else concerned with how sharp her nails look? Don't underestimate the things that she will do.

Awards. Adele deserved all of hers. I didn't pay much attention to the others aside from Best New Artist. I saw so many tweets and statuses and comments about "Who is Bon Iver?" Um what? I've been putting this song on Mix CDs for 3 years now.

Yes, I still make Mix CDs.


  1. I dont get the fashion crap either! I do agree Adele's performance was the best :)

  2. Yes, yes, yes! With the exception of 'I could watch Chris Brown dance all day' and 'I didn't loathe Nicki Minaj's performance because I think exorcism is interesting," we have the same thoughts. I'm so glad you liked the Beach Boys performance. I was convinced I was the only one. I, too, love Bon Iver and was salty at everyone questioning the music. I even posted the video for "Skinny Love" on my blog Sunday night, too!

    The sharp nails comment about Adele is fantastic.