Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My Valentine

Last year, Rachel wrote a love letter to her future husband. Now, it seems she is dating him. So, what the hell. I'll give it a shot, too.

To my future husband,

It's Valentine's Day 2012 and though I pride myself on not being a cheesy romantic, deep down I really am one. You'll be the only one who sees it, though.

I've been thinking about you all my life. I thought I found you once or twice, but in the end...I only found disappointment. I'm rather impatient, so I have a feeling when I do meet you, I'll know very quickly. It won't take me long to fall in love and I won't have any of those doubts that I had to hide in my previous relationships. I mean, I already know who you are.

You're a Godly man. I'll need you to lead me how only a man of God can. You are proud of your faith and I am proud of you.

You love kids and you'll be a great father. Especially if we have a girl cause it's obvious I won't know what to do with her.

You're intellectual. We'll have deep and meaningful conversations. But you're also playful and funny. I can't handle being serious all of the time.

You're caring and creative. You love life. You love your friends and your family. And you'll love me.

You also love music and literature. You don't have exactly the same preferences as me, though. I'll need you to broaden my interests and introduce me to new things.

You like sports. Not in a "I must watch ESPN every day even if it's just bowling or the Spelling Bee" way. But in a "I'm passionate about my team" and "I enjoy watching X sport" way.

Finally, you'll be able to handle me. You'll be able to find the happy medium I so desire between clingy and distant. You'll understand my sarcasm and you'll deliver right back. You won't always let me win. You'll be there for me when I need you and more importantly, you'll know when I just need to be alone.

You'll love me. I already love you.

I can't wait to meet you.


  1. What a great letter, one day soon it will happen for you :)

  2. O I just can't wait for you to meet him either!! He will love reading this letter one day. I remember reading Rachel's last year. So sweet!!

  3. Print it, save it, give it to him at your wedding.

    Brooke, Pittsburgh

  4. MAKE ME CRY! You know your roommate is a big sappy blubbering fool...You should've warned me before I read this! I love this. And I can't wait for you to meet him. He is going to be one lucky man :)

  5. Oh wow! Love it, he truly will be a lucky man little lady!