Friday, March 9, 2012

Confession Session

Friday. End of the work week. Time to get a few things off my chest.

I went out with friends last night for a couple beers. That turned into 7 beers, 2 vegas bombs*, and 1 awkward Facebook message. I'm dead today. 

It makes me happy when people that I wouldn't think read my blog (shout out to my sister's boyfriend, B) tell me they do. It also scares me because then I remember that there are real people who read it and not just all you internetz folks. Maybe douche from this post reads it. Hey there, guy. Sorry that "date" didn't work out as you had planned.

I have three mega crushes right now. All on musicians from reality TV. Having crushes on attainable guys is so boring.

I'm not that sad that I'm old and don't get a Spring Break. Because I love girl scout cookies and am not ready for the beach anyway. (I'm going in a month. Eek.)

I have to stop now because this is getting lame because I can't focus.

*Whoever wrote that Urban Dictionary entry is a total douche. I wonder if it was date guy.

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  1. we are so similar. this pleases me.

  2. Hey Lady! Just dropping by from Confessional Friday! Couldn't agree with you more... girl scout cookies have tampered with my bikini ready body, but thanks to My Fitness Pal I'm slowly getting there!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    - Meg

    [Life of Meg]

  3. LOL that always happens to me. I'll be like OK one beer only...then somehow I'm wasted.

  4. MMM...girl scout cookies!