Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't get in cars with strangers.

I'm really surprised I didn't get Hey, kid do you want some candy'd when I was young.

This weekend, like many others, I got in a car with a stranger. I live in a small, southern town. People here are just nice. It's never been a big deal to me to get a ride from a stranger. But this time it was different.

I had to leave the bar to get some fresh air. My friends stayed behind. I told them I'd be on the bench outside and to meet me when they were ready to go. I waited for what seemed like an hour (it was probably 3 minutes) and convinced myself that they forgot me and left without me. So, I reached in my pocket for my phone. It wasn't there. I left my phone and my money inside with my friends.

The only rational thing I could come up with was to walk to the car to see if it was still there. It was. I sat down on the sidewalk by the car and waited for what seemed like another hour (it was probably 5 minutes). Then I realized...they wouldn't be driving home from the bar. They'd take a cab.

So, I got up and started walking back toward the Square to look for them or a cab. I got about halfway and took a spill. We all know I'm clumsy. (Remember?)

A nice, young gentleman (who had both eyebrows pierced, a lip ring, and was wearing JNCO jeans) ran over and helped me up. He asked if I was okay. I informed him that I was not. He told me he could give me a ride home. I asked if he was sober. He said yes. I said "sweet". And he walked me to his car. He opened my door and I got in. His automatic seat belt hit me in the head. 

After he backed out of the parking space, things got scary. He floored it. (If you've been in Oxford -- it took from the parking lot behind Old Venice to Chicken-on-a-Stick for him to get pulled over.) Yes, in like 2 blocks, he was going fast enough to get pulled over.

An officer came to his window. He used the crank to roll it down and the officer asked him if he had been drinking. "Jus two vockas", he said. (If you don't pronounce the 'd' in vodka, I hate you.) After a breathalyzer and a field sobriety test, he was put in the back of the cop car. Another officer came to my window and said, "Is there anything in the car I should know about?"

A mini panic attack ensued and I explained to the officer that "I have absolutely no idea. I got separated from my friends. They have my phone and my debit card. This guy told me he was sober and could give me a ride home."

He then told me to use the guy's phone to call someone to come get me. I could only remember one person's number and I didn't get an answer. I cursed modern technology for allowing us to contact whomever we choose without memorizing any numbers. That got a laugh out of the cop. He told me he could give me a ride home but I'd have to sit in the back. Lovely.

Let me just say, anyone who is bigger than me (and I'm 5'1") has to be extremely uncomfortable in the back of a cop car. I guess that's the point, though.

And my point? Don't get in cars with strangers.


  1. O no, Faye!!! I have gotten in the car with strangers plenty of times... This will make me think twice, for sure!!

  2. I'm sorry I was dead to the world in my bed haha I'll keep my phone on loud for now on when I've left y'all on the Square :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! Glad you're safe! We've all taken a car ride that we shouldn't have. Next time, don't do it lol :)