Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just the Tip

I can't wait to see my top 10 Google searchwords after this post title.

As you may have noticed from a few of my posts, sometimes I like to go out. My sister often goes with me but rarely drinks. She has this thing against cabs because she doesn't like waiting and so she'd just rather drive. Anyway. Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, if you missed that memo. You're supposed to drink on St. Patty's (I'll never spell it with d's), if you missed that one, too. I convinced her to come out of her comfort zone, hang up the keys, and order a beer (or 6).

The next day, Sister said to me, "I just love how you're so connected." I asked her to explain.

You got to the bar last night. You didn't have to show your ID. One of the bartenders found your credit card on the floor the night before and had kept it safe for you. You never have to tell them the name on your tab because they all know you. You paid for one beer but drank (slightly more than one). When we were ready to leave, you called a cab and it arrived in less than a minute and we only paid half price. You're just so cool.

I may have added that last part. But anyway. My point here's all about the tip! If you tip well, people appreciate you. I've never worked a service type job (I'm too rude blunt impatient something) but I know this to be fact.

So, tip your neighborhood bartenders and your taxi drivers and you'll be set. Also, maybe throw in some light flirting here and there.



  1. I loved the title of this post! You are so right though, I always tip well and get shit from my friends but thats why I get great service :)

  2. well look at you miss baller!!!!!! Lol