Monday, March 26, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Happy Monday! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

[Hunger Games]

The big topic of the weekend. Did you see it? Have you read it? Did you love it?

I loved it. I thought they stayed as close to the book as possible, only leaving out and changing minimal parts. Aside from one thing. If you've read it and have seen it...the cave scene should have lasted longer and there should have been more kisses and more parachutes. Everything else, though...perfection. I actually saw it twice this weekend. First on Saturday with Rachel and her boy. I cried like a baby. I saw it again last night and didn't cry as much. Possibly because I was with a boy and didn't want him to make fun of me. (Possibly = definitely.)

I want to hear what you thought!

[American Idol]

 Are you watching this season? Better be. It's my first season to watch and I'm a little disappointed that I've been missing out. I kinda love it. I won't even mention the things I would do to Phillip Phillips or the school girl crush I have on Colton Dixon and I'll get right into my favorite performer.

If you aren't voting for her, something's wrong with you.

I'm not a fan of country music and I'm not really a fan of most women singers, but I like her. And I'm really not just saying that because her sister is a good friend of mine. It helps though.

[best friend's birthday week]

It's Rachel's birthday week. I'm pumped for Friday's celebration (and cake). I love birthdays. And I love Rachel. 

She has reached 500 followers on her awesome blog {simple.little.joys} so she's planning to host a giveaway this week. Go follow her so you can enter!


This really deserves a post all on its own, so I'll keep it short. I think I'll be skipping the 2012 NFL season. Too many things have already disappointed me. I don't know if I can handle it.

My favorite player left my favorite team for one of my least favorite teams. Peyton's situation sucks. Payton's situation sucks even more. Tebow to the Jets? I actually like Tebow. I HATE the Jets. Maybe he'll bring Jesus to Rex Ryan.

Whatever. As long as the Cowboys lose.

[Remember this guy?]

Go wish him a happy birthday! @ChrisLambton13

[The week ahead]

I have a feeling this is going to be a good week. Make sure you come back Wednesday for a giveaway!!


  1. Ok seriously... Phillip Phillips... if only I were single haha!

    As for Peyton, Payton & Tebow... All of the above are just stupid and really put a damper on my excitement for my favorite time of year... Boo!!

  2. I loved the movie!! I wish they hadn't changed something and had made the cave scene longer too but otherwise very happy with it!

  3. I actually really liked the movie too...I just wish it was a little more bloody. They toned down the violence a little too much.

  4. Ha, I loved every misc bit of this post. Yay happy birthday to Rachel, and I definitely sobbed like a baby during the Hunger Games myself.

  5. I loved The Hunger Games! They did such a great job, especially with the casting! I can't wait for the next one!

    I can't decide on Phillip Phillips. Part of me is obsessed with him. The other part of me hates him for completely copying my favorite artist of all-time. But, then he smiles, and I'm leaning way more toward obsessed with him.

    Yeah, the NFL has been chaos already. Are you referring to Benjarvus Green-Ellis? I'm from Cincinnati and currently rank as the world's biggest Bengals' fan. So, maybe (just maybe), this will get you to root for them? I promise you I'll be blogging about him when the season starts. Haha!

  6. OK, so this is how pathetically busy my life has been. I live in New England, love the Patriots and had. no. idea. Benjarvus left til I read your post. What the heck? NOT happy with that at all. And you took the words right out of my mouth with Tebow to Jets and I hate the Jets. So bummed about that one.
    Haven't yet seen Hunger Games - want to. My 16 year old daughter went to the midnight show. Should have been me, but again - pathetically busy life. She thinks I'll get motion sickness with the blurry camera battle scenes.
    Oh - and Idol. Love it. Watch always, but often FF through. Skylar is adorable, I agree. Love Colton too.
    Thanks for the smiles ~ and updating me on what I absolutely should have already known! (PS - Happy birthday to Rachel unless, of course, it is totally creepy to have a total stranger wishing her a happy birthday!)