Friday, April 27, 2012

Discrimination in the Workplace

I'm not a feminist. I actually think feminists are sexist. And most of the time someone is calling someone racist...I believe they're the ones being racist.

Basically, I don't discriminate. And I don't like discrimination.

I've been working in the same office for nearly 6 years (damn, I need to get out of here) and I've never seen discrimination. Until the other day.

One of our associates travels around to give lectures. She hires an outside entity to record and digitize these lectures. But we could easily do that within our department. It would just involve one of our staff members traveling along with her.

"Oh, that's fine! Faye's not married she'll do it. She should have weekends free, no problem."

Excuse me?

I'm being discriminated against for being single?

Regardless. My being single means I usually DON'T have weekends free. You know, since I'm trying to not be single anymore.

Plus, my coworker isn't married either. He just lives with his girlfriend. So, he gets a pass for shacking up? I shack on weekends, too...sometimes. (Just kidding, mom.)

Anyway. Whatever. I'm totally gonna do it. Extra money? Yes please.


But don't volunteer me just because I'm single.

That is all.

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  1. What the heck? Like single people can't have plans b/c they don't have a spouse??