Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Crawfish,
Thank you for being so yummy. And for being best friends with potatoes and corn and beer. But sometimes you're too spicy. My lips might still be tingling.
I want more of you,
The fastest crawfish peeler around

Dear Second Favorite Bartender,
Thank you for turning one of the TVs in the sports bar to American Idol so that we could watch the results show. (Even though you looked at me funny and told me you couldn't turn on the sound.)
Sorry you're not first,
The girl who tips too much

Dear Jennifer Lopez,
I was very upset with you last week when you saved the boring girl with the powerful (but BORING) voice but I didn't really care because I assumed your little stunt would bite you in that big ass of yours when she got sent home this week. But that didn't work out how I expected. And now one of my favorites is gone.
I'm really mad at you,
Someone who is really mad at you

Dear American Idol voters,
I'm extremely upset with you. I had Colton picked as this seasons' winner (with Phillip and Skylar joining him in the top 3). When I saw (because I couldn't hear) that Colton was going home, my mouth dropped open. I looked like a cartoon when their mouth opens wide and then someone pulls it and it rolls up. Anyway. Seriously? Colton? Voters must have gotten comfortable and assumed he'd be safe. Never get comfortable!
I still can't believe it,
Woman with a schoolgirl crush on Colton

Dear Google Images,
I just searched on you for a .gif of the above stated cartoon. I know it happened to Genie once. But I can't find it anywhere.
You're useless,
Not a good googler

Dear Rebs,
I'm ready for you this weekend. SEC baseball. You better deliver.
Let's sweep those hogs,
A loyal (and frustrated) fan

Dear Lovely Readers,
I hope you all have a great weekend! Eat some crawfish and you will.
It's finally friday,
Weekend lover.

Over and out.


  1. Ok seriously, I am still upset about Colton. I may or may not have teared up watching his interview after the show last night.

    As for crawfish, can we have a big ole crawfish boil?? Seriously, we have all got to meet up asap! And what better way to do that than over crawfish. DUH.

  2. This is such a good feature! I wanna steal it!! You're cute. I was so jealous of your escapades last night, if you see Gav tonight tell him to call me.

    Miss you Colton.

  3. Nooo Colton?!?!?! Ugh. I officially hate America. Agreed on boring voice girl. She's good but....boring.

    I'm beyond in love with Phillip Phillips. Beyond. My thoughts regarding him are not healthy. MMmmmmmyummmmm.

    Ok. I'm loving your blog. Off to go read more!

  4. Love these these letters! They remind me of Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes bit. Also love that your a crawfish fan. You probably won't like the post that I did last week however. =) Found you through Mingle Monday. Love your blog!

  5. Bahaha. I'm stopping by from this week's mingle Monday and I love your letters. :) I haven't watched Idol this season, but I can relate from experience in previous seasons.