Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My "boyfriend deadline" is fast approaching.

Sometime last year, Sister's boyfriend won a weekend trip for four to Myrtle Beach. As I am their staple third wheel, I assumed I would be one of the four. Not exactly. 

Who wants to waste a potentially romantic beach trip with a tag-along around? I know, I get it.

So - the deal was - if I could supply person #4, I could go. And by "person #4", they totally meant boyfriend. A romantic trip for two...times two. Much better than a trip for two...and another one.

Well, that trip is in two weeks. So, on that note. Who wants to pretend to be my boyfriend for a free beach trip?

Or girlfriend... I mean, we all had that one spring break, didn't we? Just me?* Whatever. 

**Or am I?


  1. hahahah, still laughing about the end of your post. I'm sure you'll find tons of people willing to pose as gf/bf to go for free! :)

  2. Take me, take me! I won't make out with you, but I can promise we'll have a good time!!! I'm more fun than any boy anyway.