Friday, May 25, 2012

Confessional Friday

I feel like I write the same intro to this every week so I'm just going to skip that and get right on to confessin'

I told y'all I was gonna get caught up on the Bachelorette and blog about it. (Because you all love my bachelor(ette) posts.) And I watched the first episode. And I blogged about it. But I have not gotten around to watching the second. And I mostly likely won't watch the third on Monday. Who am I?

I don't think the guys on this season are that attractive. I've heard lots of people saying that the guys this time are so much cuter than in the past. And they should be. It's Emily. But. Jef, Nate?, Ryan?, I don't remember names. Arie. Really only 3-5 stood out to me as "ooh look at that guy". Not even the long haired guy and you know how I am about those. Ali's season? Hello. Chris, Frank, Roberto, Kirk, Jason (who went home the first night so most of you probably don't remember him), umm Ty, even. Who was that other cute guy? Steve? So many!

And here's a super confession for you. That last paragraph just made me vom. Why did I even write that? Stupid.

Speaking of how I am about long haired guys. I kinda tried to hang out with one last night but he just hung out with my dog instead. Mosby gets all the attention.

I might shoot someone if I hear one more thing about a 4 day weekend. I get Monday off, yes. But I have to work from 8-12 tomorrow. Saturday. Ugh.

I don't actually have access to a gun, so I won't really shoot anyone. Unless I shoot them the bird. WHATUP.

I'm hungover. 

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