Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

a.k.a. a cutesy name for a really random post

I have a new office at work. Like, my own office. With a door. And a nameplate. I'm fancy. (Not fancy enough for a moving crew, though. That's why I've been MIA. Moving EVERYTHING from upstairs to downstairs has kept me pretty busy.)

I've completely given up on the photo a day instagram challenge. I'm 9 days behind. I don't see myself coming back from that. But I'm still posting lots of pictures of my dog, beer bottles, and text messages. So follow me - wfayew

Ms. TONI ROSE won my Sneakpeeq giveaway, granting her a $15 giftcard to the online shop. (When I signed up, I ordered a pair of pearls...for free. After waiting 5 weeks for shipping (!!!), they arrived and I love them. But damn, that shipping.)

I saw Bush in concert Sunday night at Beale Street Music Fest. I'll write a real post about it later. For now, I'll just say...I didn't know a 46 year old man could be so sexy in a tank top. I love you, Gavin.

Though I vowed not to, I did watch American Idol last night. I can't miss out on my boy Phillip Phillips. It wasn't the same without Skylar. And by that, I mean it was boring. She brought the fire. However, for the first time all season...I enjoyed Joshua Ledet. Just in the James Brown song, though.

ONE WEEK until I'm on the beach for Hangout Fest. That means 1 week of eating only raw fruits and veggies, drinking a lot of water, and working out twice a day. (And once I get there I'll be binging on beer and burgers and get even fatter. It is what it is.)

Happy Thursday!

Are you as random as me today?

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  1. OOoh Gavin!! I saw Bush before, loved it :)