Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 Love Languages

Have you heard of the 5 love languages? I hadn't until it came up in a conversation with friends. Basically, people give & receive love in different ways. And not just love love. It applies to family love and friend love and maybe even puppy love.

The love language assessment tells you which language makes you feel most loved. Sister's assessment revealed that she's a Words of Affirmation lover. Totally. She often uses the "Tell me you love me. Tell me something romantic." line from Serendipity. Cheese.

We discussed a few of the other languages -- Quality Time & Physical Touch. No thanks. I decided my love language was probably Let's Just Know We Love Each Other. You Don't Have To Tell Me Or Touch Me

But because that isn't one of the 5 languages, I decided to take the assessment to find out. Each category is rated out of 12 (and you should only have 1-2 high categories).

Quality Time (10)
Acts of Service (8)
Words of Affirmation (5)
Physical Touch (4)
Receiving Gifts (3)

So, surprisingly enough, I do like being around people. As long as they don't tell me, touch me, or buy me things. Sounds about right.

What's your love language?

Take the assessment here.

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