Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Damn, I'm boring these days. But hopefully I'll be back with actual thoughts next week. Hopefully.

Have you guys heard John Mayer's new album? I love it. Aside from one song. 

"Love is a Verb" now sits on the same shelf as "Comfortable", "Daughters", and "Your Body is a Wonderland". That shelf is titled "Worst Songs Ever" and also includes "Sparks" by Coldplay.

Speaking of "Sparks" by Coldplay -- I'm doing a 30 day song challenge on Facebook. (Yesterday's prompt was "least favorite song" and that's the one I chose.) Like Faye'sbook on Facebook to follow along! 

A while back, I raided my mom's record collection. The plan was to frame the album covers and decorate with them. But then I realized how much good music I would be putting to waste. So now the hunt is on for a good record player. Tips?

Young the Giant is playing in Memphis tonight. I want to go. I saw them at the Hangout and they were AWESOME and I want to see them again. But it will be a last minute decision if I go or not. 

THE FLAMING LIPS are attempting to break a world record (held by Jay-Z) by performing EIGHT shows in a 24 hour period. One of those shows is in Oxford. So you bet your ass I'm gonna be there.

And by sports, I mean tennis.

Once a major reaches the semis, I always bet with a coworker of mine. Loser buys lunch. So 3 lunches are at stake. I picked Federer over Djokovic and Ferrer over Nadal. Both the underdog, but I have faith. After those matches, there will be two lunches in the bank (unless we each win one). Then we'll bet again on the Championship. I'm going Federer over Ferrer. Because I'm gonna win all 3.

That is all. I'll try to be more put together next week. See you then!


  1. I've seen record players at used book stores, so you could try those. Or ebay of course... And goodness gracious, I hope Nadal loses to Ferrer. I don't really care about Ferrer, but I almost always want Nadal to lose.

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