Monday, August 6, 2012

American Idol

Last Tuesday, most of you were watching The Fab Five win Olympic gold and become idols to little girls all over America.

I was watching a different kind of American Idol.

Morgan, Rachel, and I drove down to Jackson, Mississippi, home of Skylar Laine, to watch the American Idol live tour 2012.

I had never seen a season of American Idol before this one. A good friend of mine encouraged us all to watch the audition rounds because her little sister was auditioning. I tuned in, hoping to get a glimpse and maybe hear her sing.

I got more than a glimpse, as Skylar made it to Top 5. I also fell in love with a few other contestants along the way.

Seeing the Top 10 contestants perform live experience.
As the show began, we saw a familiar blonde hairstyle and I squealed a bit (as I have a little girl crush on Colton Dixon). Erika Van Pelt must have accidentally walked into Colton's dressing room before the show because that hair I squealed over...was hers. A few other times throughout the concert, I got them mixed up. It made me uncomfortable.

 The top 10 (or 9, really) performed lots of fun (cheesy) group songs and dances. Don't worry, I sang along to the songs I knew. 

After 3 or 4 songs, we became anxious. There was no sign of Phillip. Skylar had only made a short appearance. What I thought was Colton had actually been EVP. Had we come to the wrong show?

But then, DeAndre's hair made an appearance and I knew we were in the right place. Soon after, we got some antics from Heejun and a killer performance from Elise Testone.

Then there was Hollie and Jessica and we got to see even more of Skylar. That girl can perform, let me tell you. I can't wait to see her on her own tour. 

via CourtneyAnn Jackson, Fox 40 News

Colton gave us chills with his version of Piano Man and Joshua brought the house down with Man's World and then we finally got to see Phillip.

Phillip Phillips, the American Idol. 
(Phillip Phillips, who I have a serious grown woman crush on. Grown woman as in 24. I'm only 24. Phillip.)

The first portion of the show had been geared toward the younger audience. With the poppy songs and the choreographed group numbers and the costumes and the awful backdrops. But this. This was for the adults. For the moms, the ladies, the girls who have actually gone through puberty...the Fifty Shades of Grey crowd, if you will.

That video is not from our show because I was obviously too busy drooling to record it. But you get the idea.

via CourtneyAnn Jackson, Fox 40 News   

It was a great show and I can't wait to see all of the American Idol contestants make it big. I'll be at many of their concerts in the future.

my favorite concert buddies


  1. Whew!!!!! I seriously fall even more in love every time I watch him sing that song. I was seriously drooling at the concert... as my husband sat next to me laughing...HA!

  2. So jealous Glad y'all had a good show!!!