Friday, August 3, 2012

Confessional Friday

I am swamped at work. Like, right now. I'm at my desk and I'm swamped. So this will be short.

I guess, technically, that was my first confession. Blogging at work when I have so much to do.

I've been keeping a secret. I attended a very exciting concert this week where a certain sexy someone sang a sultry version of an Usher song while hunched over his guitar. Post to come next week.

I ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant today. After listening to what I would call "the Mexican backstreet boys", a familiar voice came over the speakers. I thought to myself, "is that the Mexican Enrique Iglesias?" No, Faye -- that would be the Spanish Enrique Iglesias. Better known as Enrique Iglesias.

Yesterday, I went to the registrar's office on campus to pick up my diploma. I graduated over two years ago. I'm a procrastinator. BUT, it only took me a day to have it framed and hanging in my office.

I have to give FOUR presentations in front of faculty members in less than two weeks. I'm way more nervous about what to wear than what to say.

Happy Friday!
Do you have any confessions?

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  1. O Phillip, Phillip, Phillip... I almost passed out when he sang Nice and Slow... For reals