Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dude, Where's My Car? [Part I]

Saturday night, I met some friends on the Square for dinner. After dinner, we went to the sports bar to have a drink and watch the Olympics for an hour or so. Of course, NBC waited to show Michael Phelps' last gold medal win until late in the evening, so "a drink for an hour" turned into a few. Drinks and hours.

I'm a cautious person/law-abiding citizen who doesn't drive even after one drink, so I got a ride home. I'm obviously not cautious or law-abiding enough to not leave my car in the tow away zone by the Presbyterian Church on a Saturday night, though.

I completely understand the purpose of towing away the "bar crowd" so that the "church crowd" has a place to park on Sunday mornings. In fact, I'm an active member of both of those crowds (albeit not Presbyterian).

I didn't even know my car had been towed until late Sunday evening when I finally had a chance to pick it up. Once I realized it was gone, I decided I'd wait until my lunch break the next day to go get it. Thankfully, I have two cars right now as I'm obviously not trying hard enough to sell my Land Rover. (Contact me if you're interested.)

"Where's your car, dude?"

I had asked around and been informed that First Pres uses Shivers Towing for their towing needs. They were my first call.

My car got towed from the Square near South Depot and the Presbyterian Church. It's a black Jeep Patriot. Do you have it?

No. We don't have A Jeep.

I then called two more towing companies who didn't have it either. The second suggested I call the Police Department. I did. They had no record of my car being towed but gave me numbers to two more places. No dice. After I called every towing company and body shop in Oxford, I tried Shivers again. They still had no black Jeep Patriot. 


  1. Anxious to hear Part 2! *grabs popcorn*

  2. I see a winged badge Chrysler .
    It also has the shape I've accustomed to see on Chrysler products over the years.
    I just hope they don't have a strip of chrome connecting the tail lamps like everyone else.