Monday, August 20, 2012

Hell Week

If any of you are familiar with the Greek system (fraternities and sororities), then you know about Hell Week.

It's where active fraternity members make pledges drive them around, buy them beer, clean their cars with toothbrushes..

It's where Dr. Elliot Reid / Stella forces Hilary Swank and Six from Blossom to eat glass (it was really eggshells) and stand in their undies on a table while all the other girls circle their physical flaws with Sharpies.

from Dying to Belong

 Seriously guys. That doesn't really happen.

Anyway. Last week was Hell Week for me. And not the fun, torturous kind. The busiest week at work I've ever had kind.

I took off Monday but still managed to rack up quite a few overtime hours.

I gave presentations to old faculty, new faculty, and students. I scheduled classes, I tested equipment, I trained professors, I trained students. I had lunch with the Chancellor.

Aside from the tedious preparations and the almost nervous breakdowns, I enjoyed it. It was nice to get out of my office, walk across our beautiful campus, and socialize with people outside of my usual coworkers. 
(Plus, there are some fine looking new faculty members.)
 I'm glad Hell Week is over and I'm almost back to a normal schedule.

I've missed you.

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