Thursday, September 27, 2012

If You Really Knew Me..

I love the new blog post trend of "I believe in..." but I haven't even done the "If You Really Knew Me" post so I figured I'd get that one out of the way first. 

Here we go.

If you really knew me...'d know that I don't suffer from OCD. I actually enjoy it.'d know not to play country music around me unless you plan to let me choose the songs. And you'd know that I'm probably going to pick either "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain or "Sold" by John Michael Montgomery.'d know that I'm honest. Sometimes too honest.'d know that until this month, I never dried, rolled, or hair sprayed my hair. I've been trying it out lately and I kinda like it. You still won't get me to wear lipstick, though.'d know that I have a "type" when it comes to guys I have crushes on...but it never carries over into the guys I actually date.'d know that I didn't start cooking until about a year ago. You couldn't guess that by trying any of my food, though. I'm a pro!'d know that my real happy place is not the Library or the Grove, but inside my car, alone, with the windows down and the music up.'d know that I very rarely like a person as soon as I meet them.'d know that dropping $200 on clothes isn't a big deal to me. Because I don't spend $200 on a pair of jeans or shoes. Recently I spent $200 and walked away with 5 dresses, 2 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, and a pair of shoes. I love Forever21.'d know that I cry when I'm mad or touched. Never when I'm sad or upset.'d know that I won't go out of my way to make anyone like me. But I'll go out of my way to help someone...even if I don't like them.

Do you really know me?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Decisions

Two of my best friends are moving to Dallas in a month. Brad is moving to start a new job with his family business. Toni is moving to have a new experience.

And I'm staying right here. For now.

I went with Brad and Toni to Dallas last week to help them look at apartments (and find good bars).

Dallas has been one of my favorite cities since I first visited there when I was 8 years old. I planned to move there after college.

When I graduated, I applied for a few jobs. I got phone interviews. I made it to second and third rounds. And then I was told, "you don't have enough job experience". So, a job opened up in Oxford and I stayed.

I work for the University, so I can take 2 classes per semester for free. FREE. The online MBA program just happens to be 2 years at 2 classes a semester. It starts this January.

My plan was to get an MBA for free. Or at least half free. That would put me staying in Oxford until January 2014 at the earliest, 2015 if I stay here for the full 2 years. (I would still complete my MBA if I left -- just wouldn't get the second year free.)

But after visiting and being in Dallas as an adult -- do I want to stay in small town Oxford, MS 30 miles from where I grew up and the only other place I've lived after high school for 1-2 more years? Or am I just wasting 1-2 of my prime years that I could be spending in big city Dallas, TX?

Is a free MBA worth it? Do I need an MBA at all?

Oxford is a lovely town and will always hold my heart -- but do I want to live here, in this college town, until I'm 27? Am I missing experiences that I should be having as a young adult?

I need advice.

Monday, September 24, 2012


The Ole Miss Rebels traveled to New Orleans to play Tulane this weekend.

I did not travel with them, as I was on a roadtrip of my own. More on that later.

I watched the game from Brad's river house in Biloxi.

The Rebels shut out Tulane with a 39-0 win, making us 3-1 so far this season. That's already one more win than we had last season!

Next week, we travel to Tuscaloosa to play the defending National Champions.

Even though we demolished Tulane, we still give our support to their team in such a hard time. Our players even had DW decals. Show your support to Tulane and Devon Walker by visiting this site. Read more about Devon's spinal injury here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

FIRST of all. I have the strangest dreams. I thought the one with Lindsay Lohan, Danny DeVito, and Rob Gronkowski would forever be the weirdest...until last night.

I was at a wedding. I was a regular smoker. I was about to leave to go fight in the military. The bride's fingernails were painted orange and lime green. I was sitting next to another military guy who was giving me advice, but mostly we were talking about rap music. Eminem, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne to be exact. Justin Moore (from Ingram Hill) was a bridesmaid. There was a band at the ceremony. The drummer was a midget. And a girl. They didn't rent the church long enough so people started filing in for a church service before the wedding was over. I rode a school bus home. Kristen Wiig was the bus driver. There was a little girl who kept peeing her pants. Kristen Wiig also kept peeing her pants. I got dropped off at what appeared to be Uncle Phil's house from Fresh Prince. Then I woke up.

Any dream interpreters out there? You'd have a field day with me!

Now, to the actual substance of today's post. I pre-ordered this gem and it's out today. I can't stop listening.

Slow Cruel Hands of Time is my favorite after the first listen.

Get it now!

Actually, get all their albums. They're one of those bands that never disappoints.

I'll definitely be listening to a lot of them on my mini vacation/roadtrip that begins when I get off work today!!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@wfayew) as I travel to Dallas with 2 of my best friends. We're sure to get into some interesting situations.

Monday, September 17, 2012


My Rebels didn't pull out a win against Texas, but fun was had by all.

We only lost by a narrow margin, as the final score was 66-31...

but we most definitely won the Grove.

This is my 7th year to attend Ole Miss football games. I've never seen the Grove as packed as it was Saturday.

I set up a tent with a few friends. We had plenty of food and drinks to consume for 8 hours before kickoff. 

I got to catch up with a few of my favorite people.

Actually, I meant these favorite people.

After three home games in a row, we get a two week break with games at Tulane and Alabama. Hopefully we'll bring it back home as 4-1 to play Texas A&M in 3 weeks!

Hotty Toddy.

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Confessions

[The Ex Factor]
A few weeks ago I ran into my ex boyfriend in WalMart. I was buying a flat screen TV, he was buying a crib mattress. Last night, I ran into him while buying tampons. He was buying baby shampoo. I feel like I'm winning this.

[Hook Em...Rebs]
I ordered a dress for tomorrow's game versus Texas. It came in yesterday and looks super hot...but it's slightly more orange than red, so I'm not wearing it. Hotty Toddy.

[Husband Hunt]
I'm working the door at a private party tonight for an older Ole Miss alumnus. I get paid $50 (+ free drinks) for four hours and then I get to stay at the party afterward. The money and booze are just a bonus. I'm going for the men.

[Grown Up]
I don't like to be told or asked to do chores. I can't decide if it's the Aquarius in me or the adult in me...but I don't need to be told to do anything.

[Make Up]
I'm wearing makeup to work for only the second time this week. I have my second meeting this week, today, as well. That's not a coincidence.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was in 8th grade.

It was first period. I had Computer Discovery in the lab separate from the main middle school building. I was getting ready for class to begin when the first plane hit the North Tower. I was typing away (I'm sure) when the second plane hit the South Tower. We were packing up when the third plane crashed into the Pentagon. None of us knew.

The bell rang and I walked to second period, History, in the main building. When I got there, everyone was silent. Everyone was staring at the televisions. Then, the South Tower collapsed.

Teachers were crying. Students were crying. Many of both were making phone calls to loved ones who lived and worked in New York or who were flying that day.

We continued to watch the coverage. There was no room for History or Math or English or Science. There was only tragedy.


During fourth period, Coach Kennedy's voice sounded over the intercom. We held a moment of silence and then he prayed.

Prayer. In a school district that had banned prayer. We prayed.

We prayed for the victims. We prayed for the heroes. We prayed for America.


Where were you?

Monday, September 10, 2012


This is my third year in a row to be a regular season ticket holder for Ole Miss Rebel football.

Saturday was my first game to actually sit in the seats and not the student section.

Maybe I'm really growing up.

Nah, not quite yet. Next week I'll be back in the student section. 

The Rebels are heading into next week's game against Texas as 2-0 after we defeated UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) 28-10 Saturday. 

Texas is, by far, our biggest game this season. It's the game everyone has been talking about. The game where the tickets are selling for $100+ (mostly to Texas fans). The game where Matthew McConaughey is going to be in Oxford. 

It kicks off at 8:15 on ESPN. You should watch it. Look for me. I'll be the drunk girl in the red dress sitting in the student section. I'm sure that won't be hard to find.

Hotty Toddy.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Andy Roddick

After over a decade on the tour, Andy Roddick has retired. He ended his career at the US Open, which is only fitting. It's the biggest of the 4 grand slams, it's where he won his only Major Championship, and's the US Open!

I remember the moment Andy won that US Open in 2003. He was 21 years old and I was 14. He hit his third ace in a row to Juan Carlos Ferrero and crouched down, gripping his hat in disbelief. Or maybe it was excitement. 

Shortly after, he climbed into the crowd to kiss his then-girlfriend Mandy Moore, but let's all just forget about that part.

I'm pretty sure I started watching tennis straight out of the womb. I don't remember a time when we didn't watch Grand Slams. I remember watching Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

I especially remember the first time I laid eyes on Andy Roddick. He joined the tour at 17 and I fell in love at 11.

Before Andy, I watched tennis because my mom watched it. 
After Andy, I watched it because I was interested. I was invested. I cared. 

I branched out and fell in love with more players. I consider myself a Federer Fan. I basically hate Nadal. I used to like Djokovic and now he's just so-so. I loathe Andy Murray. I miss Robin Soderling. I like Del Potro. I'll always cheer for Lleyton Hewitt.

Unless it's against Andy Roddick. 

No matter who he's playing, I'm cheering for Andy.

He's an inspiration. To tennis fans, to Americans, and to me.

I'm more passionate about tennis than I am about most things. It was the second thing I fell in love with (the first was 90s grunge music, of course). Andy was a big part of that.

I'm glad to have seen him play in person. That serve of his is unreal. I even got to see him argue with a few chair umpires. Those are two of the things I'll miss most about him. 

I guess this would be more note-worthy if he had inspired me to pick up a racquet and actually play tennis...but I never did that.

Maybe I should take lessons. Hey Andy, you have some extra time on your hands now, right?

Monday, September 3, 2012


The Rebels are getting the season started off right.

New athletic director, new coach, new winning record.

So far, anyway.

After a slightly slow start, the Rebs beat Central Arkansas 49-27

I celebrated the sweet win with even sweeter friends.

I can't wait to have a repeat next week when we take on UTEP.

Hotty Toddy!