Monday, September 10, 2012


This is my third year in a row to be a regular season ticket holder for Ole Miss Rebel football.

Saturday was my first game to actually sit in the seats and not the student section.

Maybe I'm really growing up.

Nah, not quite yet. Next week I'll be back in the student section. 

The Rebels are heading into next week's game against Texas as 2-0 after we defeated UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) 28-10 Saturday. 

Texas is, by far, our biggest game this season. It's the game everyone has been talking about. The game where the tickets are selling for $100+ (mostly to Texas fans). The game where Matthew McConaughey is going to be in Oxford. 

It kicks off at 8:15 on ESPN. You should watch it. Look for me. I'll be the drunk girl in the red dress sitting in the student section. I'm sure that won't be hard to find.

Hotty Toddy.

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