Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Andy Roddick

After over a decade on the tour, Andy Roddick has retired. He ended his career at the US Open, which is only fitting. It's the biggest of the 4 grand slams, it's where he won his only Major Championship, and's the US Open!

I remember the moment Andy won that US Open in 2003. He was 21 years old and I was 14. He hit his third ace in a row to Juan Carlos Ferrero and crouched down, gripping his hat in disbelief. Or maybe it was excitement. 

Shortly after, he climbed into the crowd to kiss his then-girlfriend Mandy Moore, but let's all just forget about that part.

I'm pretty sure I started watching tennis straight out of the womb. I don't remember a time when we didn't watch Grand Slams. I remember watching Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

I especially remember the first time I laid eyes on Andy Roddick. He joined the tour at 17 and I fell in love at 11.

Before Andy, I watched tennis because my mom watched it. 
After Andy, I watched it because I was interested. I was invested. I cared. 

I branched out and fell in love with more players. I consider myself a Federer Fan. I basically hate Nadal. I used to like Djokovic and now he's just so-so. I loathe Andy Murray. I miss Robin Soderling. I like Del Potro. I'll always cheer for Lleyton Hewitt.

Unless it's against Andy Roddick. 

No matter who he's playing, I'm cheering for Andy.

He's an inspiration. To tennis fans, to Americans, and to me.

I'm more passionate about tennis than I am about most things. It was the second thing I fell in love with (the first was 90s grunge music, of course). Andy was a big part of that.

I'm glad to have seen him play in person. That serve of his is unreal. I even got to see him argue with a few chair umpires. Those are two of the things I'll miss most about him. 

I guess this would be more note-worthy if he had inspired me to pick up a racquet and actually play tennis...but I never did that.

Maybe I should take lessons. Hey Andy, you have some extra time on your hands now, right?


  1. You brought tears to my eyes

  2. I. Miss. Andy!! I legit cried during his speech yesterday. :( And oddly enough, I was wondering this week what happened to Robin Soderling and thought you would probably know. Haha

  3. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you watch tennis! Most girls don't. And seriously, it's never too late to start playing. I just started last year. I got a group together and we did group drills/lessons and then some of us ended up playing in Spring league. I can't wait to move back to Jackson so I can start playing regularly again!