Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Confessions

[The Ex Factor]
A few weeks ago I ran into my ex boyfriend in WalMart. I was buying a flat screen TV, he was buying a crib mattress. Last night, I ran into him while buying tampons. He was buying baby shampoo. I feel like I'm winning this.

[Hook Em...Rebs]
I ordered a dress for tomorrow's game versus Texas. It came in yesterday and looks super hot...but it's slightly more orange than red, so I'm not wearing it. Hotty Toddy.

[Husband Hunt]
I'm working the door at a private party tonight for an older Ole Miss alumnus. I get paid $50 (+ free drinks) for four hours and then I get to stay at the party afterward. The money and booze are just a bonus. I'm going for the men.

[Grown Up]
I don't like to be told or asked to do chores. I can't decide if it's the Aquarius in me or the adult in me...but I don't need to be told to do anything.

[Make Up]
I'm wearing makeup to work for only the second time this week. I have my second meeting this week, today, as well. That's not a coincidence.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. hahah about the ex...I think you're definitely winning! I hope you find yourself some man-candy at the party. Your makeup looks fab!