Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

FIRST of all. I have the strangest dreams. I thought the one with Lindsay Lohan, Danny DeVito, and Rob Gronkowski would forever be the weirdest...until last night.

I was at a wedding. I was a regular smoker. I was about to leave to go overseas...to fight in the military. The bride's fingernails were painted orange and lime green. I was sitting next to another military guy who was giving me advice, but mostly we were talking about rap music. Eminem, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne to be exact. Justin Moore (from Ingram Hill) was a bridesmaid. There was a band at the ceremony. The drummer was a midget. And a girl. They didn't rent the church long enough so people started filing in for a church service before the wedding was over. I rode a school bus home. Kristen Wiig was the bus driver. There was a little girl who kept peeing her pants. Kristen Wiig also kept peeing her pants. I got dropped off at what appeared to be Uncle Phil's house from Fresh Prince. Then I woke up.

Any dream interpreters out there? You'd have a field day with me!

Now, to the actual substance of today's post. I pre-ordered this gem and it's out today. I can't stop listening.

Slow Cruel Hands of Time is my favorite after the first listen.

Get it now!

Actually, get all their albums. They're one of those bands that never disappoints.

I'll definitely be listening to a lot of them on my mini vacation/roadtrip that begins when I get off work today!!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@wfayew) as I travel to Dallas with 2 of my best friends. We're sure to get into some interesting situations.

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