Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life Decisions: temporarily decided

Three weeks ago, I wrote about a decision that was troubling me (here). 

I've been in Oxford for 6 years now, and at 24, it is the only place I've lived and worked as an adult. My decision was between moving somewhere else (most likely Dallas) to experience more of what's out there -- or stay here for two more years (tops) and take advantage of the wonderful perks I have at my job by getting a Masters degree for free.

The lovely thing about decisions is the grey area. You very rarely only have two options. And I've decided on option 3.

I'm not going to get my MBA. Some of you might think I'm crazy for passing up a FREE masters level education, and I might regret it later, but it's just not what I want to do right now. I can always get that MBA down the road. Maybe even next year. Maybe for free...maybe not. I just know that's not where my heart is right now.

I'm not moving to Dallas, either. Not right away, anyway. I'll look at job prospects more closely, but I'm not making any moves this year.

You might be thinking (especially if you're that anonymous commenter), 
"So you're just gonna stay and waste your life away in Oxford?"

Not exactly. And watch it. Oxford is a lovely town.

The real thing that was troubling me was that I've never done anything. I've never gone anywhere. I've just been right here. Also troubling me? The amazing perks at my job that I wasn't taking advantage of.

I've found away to fix both of those things.

stolen from ATP

The University has a program called Academic Traveler. Its purpose is to promote lifelong learning and new and exciting experiences for people of all ages. The program is marketed toward working adults, not college students.

In March 2013, Academic Traveler is taking a group of people to Tuscany for a culinary experience. Olive oil tastings, wine tastings, and cooking classes in TUSCANY. That's the chance of a lifetime -- and it's right up my alley.

Plus, the expense of the trip can be payroll deducted...over 24 pay periods. I can pay for the trip over an entire year. How's that for a job perk?    


  1. I am so excited you made a decision!!! And just know that it doesn't matter what ANYONE thinks as long as you are comfortable with the decision in your heart :)

  2. THAT decision sounds absolutely incredible! It's something new, without completely leaving your comfort zone AND you get to take it slow with payments! Very excited about your decision, you better post some incredible pictures from that trip :)

  3. Sounds like a great idea!! And being able to pay for it over the course of a year?? Even better!! :)

  4. Ummm... Best decision ever Alert!!!

  5. That is wonderful!!!! Good for you! TRUST me - that Masters WILL always be there. I'm finishing mine up right now. Hating it, but have to do it for my job. Always regret that I didn't travel when I had the chance, so I definitely think you are making the right decision!! So jealous & so happy for you!