Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexiest Man Alive?

Channing Tatum, eh?


At first, I was disappointed. When I think of the sexiest man alive, the person that pops into my head is Ben Affleck. And not just Ben Affleck circa Good Will Hunting or Armageddon. Ben Affleck in Argo is just as sexy. He'll always be my #1. 

Channing Tatum is -- I use the same words for describing an old boyfriend of mine -- "he's totally hot but he kinda looks white trash". Don't even try to argue with me, you know it's true.

That's why the only character Channing ever plays is a semi-skanky, kinda trashy, maybe a little dumb guy with massive sex appeal.

Massive sex appeal? Oh yeah. Then maybe he is the Sexiest Man Alive.

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