Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Different

Well, the world didn't end...but it seems I fell of the face of it for a couple weeks. I've been off work since December 14th (and don't go back until the 2nd). 

Don't be too jealous. Other than a short trip to Dallas, a couple Christmas gatherings, and a few dinners with friends I've just been lying on the couch watching Sex and the City. 

Oh wait, that is something to be jealous of, isn't it?

My staycation has been great. And it also showed me that I could never work from home. I have no motivation to do anything productive while I'm on the couch. Hence the disappearance from blogland. 

But I'm back! With less than 2 days left in 2012, I thought it was time.

Twenty Twelve has been quite a year, but I'm glad it's coming to an end. I'm ready for a new start. A new year, new goals, new adventures.

I set a "12 in 2012" goal list 12 months ago and completed three and a half of them. I blogged only when I felt like it (obviously), I bought a new car, and I made monthly budgets...I just went over budget every single month.


 My 2013 goals will be a little different.

My 2013 will be a little different.

Will yours?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Movies

Last week, I ventured into the past and watched three of my old favorite movies. All are grossly underrated, might I add.

A talented, young programmer reluctantly joins a large corporation...and then fights to bring them down.

Two guys of very different means become "soul mates" in a secret society at an Ivy League school. Their relationship and the organization are both tested.

A young man believes he sees his long lost love in a restaurant and begins searching for her and trying to piece together the clues as to why she left.

It's just a plus that these movies feature Ryan Phillippe, Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, and Josh Hartnett. Hello man candy. They really are, even re-watching years later, three of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen any (or all) of these movies, watch them ASAP! And then tell me what you think.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Stuff my Stocking

Just 13 days until Christmas! I've already let you in on what I want (ahem, Julian Edelman) but what about smaller, stocking stuffer gifts? Since I was a little kid, my stocking has always included an apple, an orange, and a $1 bill. But aside from those things, here's an idea of what it may contain this year.

1. EOS chapstick -- the best thing that has ever touched my lips.
2. Essie nailpolish -- in a nude color (this one is called topless).
3. Maybelline Great Lash -- the best and CHEAPEST mascara of all time.
4. Makeup brushes -- with 2 dogs, I have very few left.
5. Socks -- I want to spend my extra money on booze, not necessities.
6. Sharpie pens -- for my incessant OCD.
7. Gloves -- but only if you can find some that fit my tiny baby hands.
8. Big Sexy Hair -- travel size hairspray. Now that I actually fix my hair and carry a purse.

I'm not linking to any of those because they can all be found at WalMart.

See? I'm easy. Now stop complaining, Mom.

What will your stocking be stuffed with this year?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Dating Diaries: Vol 1

The Coin Toss

I was a freshman in college. They were seniors. As best friends and roommates, they had a lot in common. Well, they had the same major and the same taste in women, obviously.

I met them in class and for weeks denied their advances. [Most of these advances occurred via Myspace and MSN messenger.] I used every excuse in the book to refuse their dinner requests. I didn't want the drama of choosing between two friends and honestly, I had no idea who I would pick.

As a college freshman living on limited funds and refusing to ever eat Ramen, I eventually got hungry and caved. Earlier in the day, I had turned down the offer to have dinner with both of them (because, well, that's weird...right?). But when I got back to my dorm room and realized I was out of Easy Mac, I gave them a call.

Thirty minutes later, I was headed downstairs to meet the guys for dinner. When I got to the lobby, I was greeted by just one of them. 

"He couldn't make it, so it'll just be us. Is that okay?"

So there it was, just the two of us. On a first date.

After a rocky relationship that spanned the full length of my freshman year, we broke up.

A year or so later, when I was seeing the other friend (yes, that happened) he let me in on a secret. Once I finally agreed to go to dinner with them, they flipped a coin to determine who actually got to take me out.

I still wonder how different things would have been if that coin had landed on its other side.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Dating Diaries Are Here

I promised I would share a few more personal stories here at Faye'sbook. Dating stories, that is. I have experienced love and loss. Epic romances, tragic heartbreak, and (more often than not) hilarious mishaps in my [love] life.

Cue new blog topic.

I don't know how regular this post will be. I guess that depends on how many new stories I can add to the mix. But don't worry, I have plenty saved up to share with you soon.

Soon begins tomorrow.

See you then.