Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Different

Well, the world didn't end...but it seems I fell of the face of it for a couple weeks. I've been off work since December 14th (and don't go back until the 2nd). 

Don't be too jealous. Other than a short trip to Dallas, a couple Christmas gatherings, and a few dinners with friends I've just been lying on the couch watching Sex and the City. 

Oh wait, that is something to be jealous of, isn't it?

My staycation has been great. And it also showed me that I could never work from home. I have no motivation to do anything productive while I'm on the couch. Hence the disappearance from blogland. 

But I'm back! With less than 2 days left in 2012, I thought it was time.

Twenty Twelve has been quite a year, but I'm glad it's coming to an end. I'm ready for a new start. A new year, new goals, new adventures.

I set a "12 in 2012" goal list 12 months ago and completed three and a half of them. I blogged only when I felt like it (obviously), I bought a new car, and I made monthly budgets...I just went over budget every single month.


 My 2013 goals will be a little different.

My 2013 will be a little different.

Will yours?

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