Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Stuff my Stocking

Just 13 days until Christmas! I've already let you in on what I want (ahem, Julian Edelman) but what about smaller, stocking stuffer gifts? Since I was a little kid, my stocking has always included an apple, an orange, and a $1 bill. But aside from those things, here's an idea of what it may contain this year.

1. EOS chapstick -- the best thing that has ever touched my lips.
2. Essie nailpolish -- in a nude color (this one is called topless).
3. Maybelline Great Lash -- the best and CHEAPEST mascara of all time.
4. Makeup brushes -- with 2 dogs, I have very few left.
5. Socks -- I want to spend my extra money on booze, not necessities.
6. Sharpie pens -- for my incessant OCD.
7. Gloves -- but only if you can find some that fit my tiny baby hands.
8. Big Sexy Hair -- travel size hairspray. Now that I actually fix my hair and carry a purse.

I'm not linking to any of those because they can all be found at WalMart.

See? I'm easy. Now stop complaining, Mom.

What will your stocking be stuffed with this year?

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