Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Bad

If you're from Oxford, you've been to Oxford, or you've read about Oxford -- I'm sure you've heard of John Currence and the City Grocery Group.

Four of the best restaurants in Oxford: City Grocery, Boure´, Big Bad Breakfast, and Snackbar are all backed by chef John Currence. 

This month, City Grocery has been closed for renovations, so the team came up with the brilliant idea of having "pop up" restaurants. During the month of January, 4 chefs invaded CGG's catering kitchen and set up shop to make some of the best food I've ever tasted.

Unfortunately, I missed Eli Kirshtein and his Israeli Street Food, but I've been every week since. 

Americana: Sister and I split a patty melt topped with a fried egg, french fries, chicken wings, and my favorite menu item...fried brussels sprouts.

Italian Cooking, Southern Roots: For this one, I got "H&H Spam" which was served with a spicy risotto. I tried my friend's cheddar dog. And we split my favorite...Poutine (french fries topped with neck bone gravy and cheese curd).

This week is Dirty Louisiana Truck Stop Food and I went last night with Miss Rachel of {simple.little.joys}. We picked three menu items to share.

I forgot to snap a pic before I devoured the boudin.

I almost licked the plate when we finished this one.

This was my favorite. 

And I'll probably order it again tonight. Because I'm going again tonight. There are too many things on this menu that I need to try.

I've got my eye on Gumbo Z'Herbes, Beggars Purses, and of course...the funnel cake.

Did I make you hungry? What would you order?


  1. Wow! I didn't hear about this. So fun! Y'all enjoy!

  2. Restaurant Iris is on my big dream list of places to eat. I'm insanely jealous.