Monday, January 28, 2013

Business Stylish?

I was recently chosen for a community Leadership program.

The Leadership Lafayette program is a series of training sessions and activities, designed for emerging community leaders. It is designed to assure the continuity of leadership in Lafayette-Oxford-University community and assist already established community leaders, who seek more effective ways to contribute to the community.

Over the next seven months, we'll be meeting with community and business leaders... which means I need some business clothes. At my current job, I usually wear jeans. Granted, they're cute jeans that are paired with cute shirts and shoes and earrings. But jeans nonetheless.

So. For our February meeting...I was thinking I'd show up in this.

Pleated Peter Pan Collared Shirt...$17.80
Peplum Pencil Skirt...$12.80
3/4 Sleeve Blazer...$19.50

What do you think? Is it businessy enough? And more it stylish enough? I definitely know it's cheap enough.

Forever 21 is the best.


  1. that is too cute! I love Forever21. :)

    That sounds like an awesome opportunity!

  2. Definitely cute and businessy enough. But actually, what do I know about business attire? I have literally never had a job where I've had to dress in business clothes. I literally wore my POLITE AS FUCK t-shirt to work last week. ;)