Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Faye

Because talking about myself is my favorite thing to do.

First, the most obvious fact.. I won't be posting a Bachelor recap today. Because I haven't watched it yet. I watched the Australian Open instead. My boy David (dah-veed not day-vid) Ferrer came back from 2 sets down to win his quarter final match against Nicolas Almagro.

Obvious fact #2.. I'm hardcore obsessed with tennis. 

Not so obvious fact.. I've never actually played tennis.

A fun fact.. I wore heels to work today and it made me feel extra sassy. (Even if they are heeled lace up boots.)

A funny fact.. I woke up this morning when I rolled off my bed.

A serious fact.. I miss my dad a lot, especially around my birthday. I wonder what he'd get me to celebrate my 25th? 
(in 17 days!)

An eye opening fact.. I just started wearing contacts/glasses about two months ago. I never realized that this is what the world is supposed to look like.

Some pop culture facts:

90s music & 80s movies will always be my favorite.

I just recently got into Sex and the City. Three seasons in and it's obvious who I am. Post to come. (Any guesses?)

I've only seen 1 of the 9 Oscar nominees for Best Picture. And I think it should win.

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images: ferrer / argo


  1. The Bachelor was good last night!

  2. The bachelor was good, but I think next week will be better. Tierra needs to gooo, amIriiight?

    I wear contacts, too. Blind as freakin' bat without 'em! I haven't seen any of the Oscar-nominated movies except Les Mis. I need to get on this.

  3. I have to see Argo asap!! I have had contacts since birth basically, but everytime I get a new pair its like seeing for the first time! HA!

  4. Glad to see Feeder doing well!! And whoa, the difference glasses make. I never realized how bad my vision was until it got fixed!

  5. fun post! i've been meaning to watch argo - need to get on that soon. and, isn't sex and the city the best?
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. I LOVE Sex and the City. I could watch reruns all day.