Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Back.

Oh, this is happening.

I can't stay away. Especially from Sean.

So, meeting Sean...we have Amanda, AshLee F, Ashley P, Ashley H, Brooke, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, Diana, Jackie, Katie, Kelly, Keriann, Kristy, Lacey, Lauren, Lesley, Leslie, Lindsay, Paige, Robyn, Sarah, Selma, Taryn, and Tierra.
Plus, there will be a mystery woman from a previous season, I'm sure.
See all bios here.

The girl's ages range from 24-32. They're from California to Florida, Michigan to Tennessee.

We'll be meeting a personal organizer and a community organizer... a hair stylist, bridal stylist, cosmetics consultant and a salon owner... a cruise ship entertainer, a poker dealer, and a jumbotron operator. There's a real estate developer and a leasing consultant... a political consultant, an advertising exec, and a journalist... a yoga instructor and a health club manager. We have a graphic designer, a substitute teacher, an oilfield account manager, and the ever vague entrepreneur... a grad student and a casting associate. And then, the models: a plain "model", a fashion model, and a fit model.

Surprisingly, Robyn is not the fit model. 

She's the oilfield account manager.

3 have been engaged. 2 of those 3 have been married. 1 of those 2 has children.

There's someone who believes "you don't have to spend thousands for romance". She better get the shitty dates.

We have a woman who would choose to be Taylor Swift for a day and another who would choose to be homeless. 
I'd choose homelessness over TSwift.

One of the ladies was a "fan" contender on Bachelor Pad. I didn't watch, so I know nothing about her.

I'm undecided on which of these girls I'll hate and which I'll hate more, but Keriann is the cutest.

Will you be watching? Who do you like from the preliminary bios? What are your predictions for the season?

Please, no spoilers.

all photos via ABC


  1. I'm so excited; the drama on The Bachelor is always better than The Bachelorette. Plus, Sean is such a cutie!

  2. New follower from the blog hop. I'm also soooo excited for this! I didn't know one of the fans from the Bachelor Pad is going to be on it...also one of my obessions!

  3. Seriously where do they find these girls with the crazy jobs??