Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Bachelor: Episode 2

Dagger Eyes

First of all -- as much as I want to bash these women for getting drunk and acting a fool...I kinda just relate to them.

When I was out with Chris, I was downing Miller Lites and throwing back J├Ąger shots. I dragged him to the dance floor for a Britney song and I ended the night being told it would be $14 extra if I puked in the cab.

So...I can't hate on them for that.

However, I can hate on them for their outfit choices and overall bad personalities. And for the fact that they get to date Sean and I don't.

The opening scene of every episode of Brad's second season showed him meeting with his therapist. 
I much prefer watching Sean work out and shower.

One on One with Sarah

Sarah gets the first one on one date...and after 25 seasons of this show, the girls are still "surprised" that Sean picks her up in a helicopter. I'm not surprised about the helicopter or the fact that Sarah told us that she only has one arm 329038920 times. If you don't want something to set you apart, don't keep talking about it. But, I'll let it slide because she's cute.

Extreme date #1: Free falling off a 300ft skyscraper. Romantic.

The free fall was followed by wine on cushions, more talk of the arm, a rose, and a kiss.

Group Date with Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, Kacie, & Tierra

The girls all pose with Sean for a romance novel cover shoot. I think I was more squeamish watching this scene than Tierra. 

Lesley is probably my favorite on this date. She's just the right kind of cute and awkward. Diana and Catherine both seem sweet and quiet. Taryn and Tierra can most likely be found below the Vicky Mendoza diagonal on the hot crazy scale. Kristy probably, too. Katie took herself out of the competition because she was uncomfortable. Kacie got the rose.

One on One with Desiree

A Punk'd date. How awful. Also, I don't think Des fell for it at all. 

After that disaster, they go to Sean's house for dinner. They're cute together and seem comfortable. Even in a hot tub talking about marriage on a first date...it's not awkward at all. Which is actually really awkward. She may be my favorite now. Seems to be Sean's, too, as she got a rose and a kiss. (Oh, wait, lots of girls are getting those.)

Cocktail Party

Is Lindsay drunk again or does she always slur her words and giggle so much? Kacie's hair is not on point. I'm not a fan of Sarah's dress. Or Leslie H's.  Amanda is shooting daggers from her eyes constantly. 

Pretty sure we saw Daniella's undies. Robyn brings up the race conversation and Sean gives the best and most cliche answer. Selma teaches Sean how to say something in Arabic. All the girls say Amanda is different around Sean than she is around the girls. There's always one or two or twenty five of those girls every season...but. Don't you act different around a guy you like than you do around girls you don't know or even girls that are your closest friends? Come on. It happens.

Rose Ceremony

Sarah, Kacie, and Desiree already have roses and there are 13 more to be handed out.

I love the anxious/sad/angry faces of girls waiting on their names to be called. Tierra's is the best(worst). But...her name is called, along with AshLee, Lindsey, Robyn, Jackie, Lesley M, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda. 

So, bye bye to Brooke and Diana. And of course, Katie.

Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite to hate? And who do you think Sean will keep around next week?

Please, no spoilers.


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  1. I really like Des. She seems super sweet and genuine. Someone somewhere else said that if she doesn't get picked, they could see her being the next bachelorette

  2. Seriously-- can she not talk about anything but her arm (or lack thereof)?? I love the reference to the Vicky Mendoza line! I think there are several that fall below said standard...

  3. Girl seriously needs to stop talking about her arm...and the whole punking Des thing was so dumb. I hated it. I cant wait for next week, looks juicy!