Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Bachelor: Episode 3

And I'm already getting lazy...

I didn't watch the episode Monday night and I didn't watch it Tuesday morning. I didn't watch it until last night, and I've already given up on the use of screen captures.

Thankfully I have a pack of sticky notes and a pencil with no eraser.

We open with, of course, Sean working out. Even though it's totally the same footage as last week. Sean says he's digging a lot of the women right now. But he's ready to decide who he wants to "dig" for the rest of his life.

For the first one on one, the date card goes to "Leeeeesssssssley M". Leslie H is not happy. And Lesley M doesn't seem too happy that they're going to the Guinness World Records. She said going to Guinness wasn't what she was expecting. Translation: I thought we'd be doing something much more extravagant than seeing a wax figure of the world's smallest woman. But ah...they're going to break a world record.

Lesley has perfect legs. And even though that was an awkward 3+ minute long kiss, she's still my favorite. She just seems real. Sean agrees with me, so she gets a rose.

Group date with Kacie, Robyn, Leslie H, Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsey, Daniella, Jackie, and Tierra.

I find it weird that the "fit model" is the only one who didn't immediately strip down to her bikini. The girls play beach volleyball and the winners get to move onto the night portion of the date.

Those winners are: Kacie, Robyn, Des, Amanda, Jackie, and Lindsey.

Kacie should have been on the losing team, because she ruins her alone time with Sean by making the cardinal Bachelorette mistake -- talking about the other girls. Hasn't she been in this before? Stupid. And Sean tells her so. (Actually, he uses the word "crazy".) Lindsey gets the group rose. (I don't like her.)

Before AshLee's one on one, Tierra falls down the stairs.

But then refuses to go to the hospital. Because, either she faked the fall to get attention/time with Sean or leasing consultants don't have good insurance. 

Now, AshLee's date. Didn't anyone tell her they were going to an amusement park? A tiny, white, lace dress doesn't seem like the perfect ensemble. But, she looks great. The girls who come along on the date are too sweet for words. I can't even discuss. They ride roller-coasters and spend time with two best friends who have chronic illnesses. 

Then, Eli Young Band...gross. Not gross? AshLee. The spelling of her name is...but she's not. She's sweet. Then we have serious conversation time. Adoption. Foster homes. Abuse. Sean is crying. (Ugh so am I.) [Can I please just be with him instead? I only have to beat out the remaining 16 girls, every other girl in the Bachelor franchise, and all 270,000 of his Twitter followers. I can handle that. Right?] AshLee gets a rose. And she's now rivaling Lesley as my favorite. Oh, and Desiree. I forgot I love her, too.

Cocktail Party

Sean brings in Sara's dog. Precious. Tierra is super fake. Of course. Desiree's dress is super cute and simple. Tierra is a bitch. Kristy's top knot is perfection. Leslie H's dress is cute (for the first time). Desiree cries. Jackie is beautiful. Is Kacie at a cocktail party or a track meet? And is Selma going salsa dancing in the 1950s? 

Before the rose ceremony (but after they're already lined up for the rose ceremony for dramatic effect), Sean sends Kacie home. I saw that coming. I'm pretty sure she just came back because she still doesn't understand why she wasn't the Bachelorette after Ben's season. 

Kristy & Taryn are left without roses.

Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite to hate? And who do you think Sean will keep around next week?

Please, no spoilers.



  1. I LOVE YOUR RECAP.I feel like you are inside my head. or i was inside yours. I dunno. But we watched it the same day and so i feel like we were connecting.



    agree agree agree. Totally cried on AshLees date. damn bachelor. gets me when i least expect it. I LOVE SEAN. I do. I just love him. I think he is the sweetest soul ever. and I love AshLee...BUT i cant see them together yet? She seems too serious for him? i dunno what it is. but i love them both. I felt super bad she had to walk around all damn day in those high wedges and short dress. COME ON ABC GIVE A GIRL A HINT.

    Des is my favorite. she looks like katie holmes. so i favor her. I like Lesley too..but i dunno, something about her makes me not connected to her yet. and its all about me making a connection.

    Kacie B..ugh..she just failed so hard.

  2. Love your recap! I love Lesley! Tierra is a biotch. When her and Sean were talking after "her fall" I wanted to punch my tv. I hope he sends her home soon!

  3. Your little drawings are so funny! :) love it!
    I died laughing when Sean mentioned how much he is "digging" some of the girls. Are we in the seventies or something??

  4. Best blog post I've read in a while. I'm dazzled by your post-it drawing skills! I'll never understand why women don't get that they can't be the tattle-tale and stick around. Poor Kacie. Poor, dumb Kacie...

  5. Hahahaha love the pics! I thought Kacie and Sean would have been cute but oh well...what show will Kacie be on next?

    I love Sean hes sooo cute, I love him more and more each week!

  6. Kacie's dress was straight up HOOCHIE. I'm glad he sent her packing. That catty move she made was no good.

    I'm with you on Lesley (yes--amazing legs), although I don't really know all their names yet. In a couple weeks I'll have them down.

    OMG YOUR DRAWINGS!!!!! Priceless. Please do this every week. Way better than screen shots!

  7. I love your artistic abilities! You should contact the show!