Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Dating Diaries: Vol 2

My Perfect Guy

I knew who he was and saw him around often. I was intrigued by him...drawn to him. Physically, he was exactly my type. I wanted to be near him. I wanted to get to know him. I wanted for a year. But I never acted. Then he moved away and it was too late. Surprisingly, I was relieved. It was a perfect way to end things. Perfect because he still was...perfect. He was my perfect guy. The idea I had of him was, anyway. Because I never got to know him and he never got the chance to prove me wrong.

And then he moved back. And I acted. It started with a little light flirting. An invitation to a sporting event. A night out on the town. A meal or two. He didn't live up to my expectations...he exceeded them. I wanted to know everything about him. He was

Until he wasn't. Over the next few weeks, we hung out a handful of times. A handful of times out of the plethora of plans we made. His band practiced late. He wasn't feeling well. He was stuck in the studio. He was...standing me up.

But we kept talking. And he kept making and breaking plans. After a year of building the pedestal that he stood upon, he dive bombed right off of it. He wasn't perfect. For me, at least.

Thinking back, our conversation was always forced. We talked about the same three topics over and over again. Our dogs, a local musician we both dislike, and what we would do if we won the lottery. I never actually did get to know him.

He was only ever perfect for me in my mind. And I almost wish it had stayed that way.

Have you ever built someone up in your head only to be disappointed? Tell me about it!


  1. I feel like this can (and does) happen a lot. That's why, sometimes, it's better to test it out and see for real, rather than holding someone up high in your mind when they really don't deserve it.
    All of it is a learning experience tho. As my mom always said to me, "every person you date, gets you that much closer to realizing who you really want to be with"...that way, when they come into your life, you know.
    It's totally true :)

  2. I'm probably doing that right now. Before the holidays a co-worker offered to set me up with a guy. I I mean looked at his facebook page and he's perfect! Cute, super funny, educated, Mr. Right. I'm convinced we're going to fall madly in love, get married, and have babies. He's supposed to call me now that the holiday rush is over. I hope he does. And I hope I'm not disappointed. Crossing all fingers and toes. I sound pathetically desperate now, don't I? haha

  3. I think girls do this all the time. We fall in love with ideas we have without seeing the real thing then wonder how things changed so quickly. When really they may not have changed at all-- we're just starting to see how it really is/was. Unfortunately, it's the downside of being a girl with a good imagination.