Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Want It Wednesday: Birthday Edition

It's my favorite edition of Want it Wednesday.

My 25th birthday is in 9 days and you don't know what to get me!

I'd love to have this Billy Reid messenger bag


but I'd rather have this one from Etsy.


I'd like these Frye Lucy Lace Up Boots


but I'd much rather have these from Forever 21.


I've been wanting this media console from Urban Outfitters


but I think my record player will look just fine on this piece from a small store in my hometown


I also want this, this, this, this, and a bouquet of tulips.



  1. You better take item #2 off this list unless you want two pairs of them :)

  2. I love the distressed white piece!! Your record player will look just fab on it!

  3. Wait... I saw that on Pure Bliss's website! Are you from Pontotoc? If so, me toooo!