Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bachelor: Overnights

Before any of the dates begin, Sean describes each of his relationships. He says he and Catherine have fun together. (Fun is all I see.) He has the strongest connection with AshLee. (I've thought so all along.) And he and Lindsay had a spark that has turned into a flame. (Cheeseball.)


Sean and Lindsay kiss a lot. And somehow she even kisses in a baby voice. They go to the market to eat bugs and go to the beach to play with monkeys. You know, the usual. I wish I didn't like them together because I cannot stand her baby voice and her pouty lips. Seriously. When she finally (it's been like 6 whole weeks) told Sean she loved him...it sounded like how I tell my dog that I love him. "I lub yew Mister Mosby." Sean admits that he is falling in lub with her, too.


First of all, AshLee is my favorite. Second of all, someone needs to tell her that fill and feel do not rhyme. And now, I would just like to share the notes that I wrote during AshLee's date, word for word:

Abandoned. Abandoned. Fears. I was adopted. My parents didn't want me. Wah. Swim through a cave. Vulnerable. Cave turned into metaphor for relationship. She's too serious. We haven't seen a fun side to her. Because the adopted kid doesn't get to have a fun side, right? Sean says he's also falling in love with her and then she tells him exactly what ring she wants. NO MA'AM.


I like just sharing my notes instead of forming them into real thoughts. So here you go:

Catherine is his "best friend" too? I thought Lindsay was. Relationship talk. I'm bored with Catherine. I don't see romance.

This is the first time in Bachelor history (since I began watching) that I haven't been completely grossed out by the fantasy suite dates. Do y'all remember Vienna in her skanky lingerie? I just can't see Sean banging 3 chicks in 3 nights. He really just wants to take advantage of the time away from the camera. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

After his 3 dates, Sean asked himself and told himself that he can see himself marrying...all 3 of them. Well except maybe not AshLee since he sent her home. Sad face.

I think pre-video he was sending Catherine home. And then AshLee had to go and be all serious and cry in her video and he realized that they've never had fun together. Which was confirmed in her exit interview when she said, "This wasn't about laughter and joking and having fun." Honey, it should have been.

And now AshLee will go burn Sean's house down with her crazy eyes.

Were you surprised with the result this week? I was! Who do you think Sean will pick? Lindsay or Catherine? Or neither? Or both? That'll be a twist we haven't seen yet.

No spoilers, please.

I'm a little obsessed with this iMadeFace app, even though I'm not very good at it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update?

The question mark is because I need someone to update me.

So you know I gave up beer during February to save on a few calories, right? Well...vodka may have fewer calories but it definitely hurts more in the decision making and memory storage departments.

Vodka is the Road Runner to my Wile E. Coyote. After one drink, I'm doin' good. Two? I'm golden.




So Saturday, after the baseball game, I went out with the BFF's BF because she was out of town. The baseball game was over at 4:30, so we got started a little too early.

I shimmied on the dance floor (by myself). I told the bartenders I would cook them dinner this week (which isn't uncommon, actually). I took about 12 pictures with Marshall Henderson (that I don't remember).

I'm just glad I didn't ride the mechanical bull. (I didn't ride the mechanical bull, did I?)

Friday, February 22, 2013



I have a few things to confess today.

I began planning my next Dallas trip to see the GBF this morning...partially because I was really craving Taco Bueno.

I'm skipping my lunch break today so I can leave at 4 to go to Swayze Field. I'm excited about baseball, but I'm rather upset about missing lunch.

One of my friends threatened to set up an intervention because when I discover something new (a boy or a band or a boy in a band), I go a little overboard and talk about them a little too much.

I want to be Sophia Bush.

I'm about to kick back and watch a movie at work. It is Friday. Now, what should I watch?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bachelor: Hometowns + Sean Tells All

Everyone says hometowns are their favorites, but this season was a little lacking. Even with douchey brothers and bitchy sisters...I was bored.

AshLee - Houston, TX

AshLee's father is a pastor. So is Sean's. Ashley has a dog. So does Sean. Match made in heaven. No, but really. I think AshLee is my favorite. She's definitely damaged, but she's "not broken". And I think Sean would be the perfect guy to heal her. What is this? I'm supposed to be mocking these girls. Her name is spelled AshLee...but that's all I got for her. I really do like her.

Catherine - Seattle, WA

Catherine's date started in a fish market and then she said she loves the way Sean smells.

Colt 45 by Afroman on Grooveshark

Her sisters are either shocked that Catherine likes the guy because they thought she was going on the show for fun...or they're shocked that he likes her. They point out every flaw she's ever had to Sean. My sister and I don't always get along, but she'd never say all that to a guy I was seeing...much less on national television. Ultimately, Sean does not get Catherine's mother's blessing. Or her sisters'.

Lindsay - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Sean seems the most nervous to meet Lindsay's parents. I can't decide if that's because he likes her the most or because her father is a Two-star General. Before I could figure it out, the weather service interrupted my DVR recording. I didn't really mind because Lindsay's whiny voice is super annoying. It came back on in time for me to see Lindsay putting Sean through "bootcamp" that was actually kinda cute. Then Sean met the parents and yada yada, the dad wasn't as scary as he thought and they were actually all pretty cute together.

Desiree - Los Angeles, CA

Desiree treated Sean to a little prank at the beginning of their date. He got so protective and was so manly when he thought an ex was there uninvited. Not that jealousy is sexy...but it is on Sean. My roommate's dog peed in the floor & when I was done dealing with that, bro was douching it up. (I know I have DVR but I didn't care enough to pause or rewind.) Apparently bro just learned the words "reciprocation" and "playboy" because he overused both of them. Can I just say, I could see Brad or Ben being called a playboy...because they did seem to really enjoy all the ladies...but I don't think Sean is like that. Because he's perfect.

Desiree goes home with the saddest goodbye ever.

We're left with AshLee (who Sean said he was "crazy about"), Catherine (who Sean said he "thought the world of"), and Lindsay (who Sean said he was "crazy about" and "thought the world of"). Hmmm.

And then. There's the episode where "Sean Tells All". But all I really got out of it is that Sean doesn't have any regrets so far. And that he's perfect. And then we see him showering and that's enough for me to call it a successful episode.


What did you think about Desiree leaving? Who do you think will make it to the final two? Or the final one? Do you think I still have a chance to make it? 

No spoilers, please.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dating Diaries: Vol 3

The Cab Ride

I don't know if this guy should actually be included in the dating diaries, but whatever we were...it lasted for 2 years. 
On and off, of course. (More like getting it on and getting off...amiright?)

I never thought it would be anything serious. I never wanted it to be anything serious...really. (Well, okay. I did think about it once or twice. I mean, who wouldn't think about potentially dating a rather cute law school graduate?) It wasn't a serious relationship, but it was ongoing. It was regular. It was comfortable. And it was fun. It was a lot of fun.

One Thursday night, when we were "on", we shared a cab home. Just one stop. Our usual dance followed. A drink, some chit chat, and Netflix. This time, he chose to turn on Dinosaurs. That's not relevant to the story, but I felt the need to share it.

Fast forward to Saturday. I hadn't heard from him all day, but that wasn't strange for two reasons.
1. It was a home game. In Oxford during home games, you don't get the best cell phone service.
2. It was only midnight. We usually only talked after midnight.

My friends and I were tired of the bar scene, so we decided to call a cab. I sat in the front seat because, well, I always sit in the front seat.

For those of you not familiar, cabs in Oxford are all vans or SUVs of some sort. Most charge a flat rate of $10 per person, no matter where you're going or how many stops you have. And unless you have a group to pack the cab, you'll likely be sharing it with other drunk folks.

As the cab was about to pull away, someone knocked on the window to ask if there was room for two more. There was. I immediately turned around to see who would be joining us.

It was him. And the girl he was taking home with him.

I was red in the face. Embarrassed, angry, and drunk. I don't remember much about the ride...but from what I hear, I turned around about 92 times to say, 
"Is this really happening? Really? Really? This is REALLY happening?"

The girl felt awkward, obviously, and asked the driver to take her home instead. My friend (who actually introduced me to the guy two years prior) wouldn't let it go that easily. She had quite a few choice words for the guy and told the girl, "Well you're already in this so you might as well get something out of it."

I hope she enjoyed herself. I'm sure he did. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update

I had the best weekend.

Friday night, I accompanied Rach and Sister to Proud Larry's for Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. Unfortunately for Drew and Ellie...the Wild Feathers stole the show for me.

They're definitely my new band crush. I might have also found a new boy crush that night.

Saturday I made it out to Swayze field for the second in a three game series against TCU. Saturday games are my favorite because Mike Mayers pitches.

Halloween Theme Song by Michael Myers on Grooveshark


We celebrated the win Saturday night at the Library, of course.

And we were back at Swayze on Sunday as the Rebels swept the TCU horny frogs. 

What do you have to share this morning?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Want it Wednesday? GOT IT Thursday

I had a fabulous 25th birthday. Not only did I have a great dinner with my favorite people...I was surprised with a cake at my favorite bar.

I also got everything on my list.

Plus more.

I seriously have the best friends. I've never felt so special. Thank you all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Bachelor: Episodes 4-7

Tierrable Tierrorist

Episode 4
Sean goes rock climbing with Selma; she gets a rose. He plays roller derby with Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sara, and Tierra. Tierra gets the rose. He takes Leslie on a "pretty woman" date and just like in the end of the movie, she leaves. Except this time, he doesn't chase her up the fire escape. At the rose ceremony, Amanda joins her out the door.

Episode 5
Lindsay and Sean take a helicopter ride through a national park and she gets a rose. Selma, Ashlee, Desiree, Catherine, Sara, Lesley, Robyn, & Daniella compete in a Montana themed relay race in which they drink goat milk. But it doesn't matter because the winners and losers get to hang out with Sean and one of those losers, Daniella, gets the rose. Tierra and Jackie go on the dreaded two on one and even more dreadful...Tierra gets the rose. Robyn joins Jackie on her way home this week.

Episode 6
Sean takes Catherine to play on a glacier and gives her a rose. Tierra, Sara, Ashley, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, and Daniella join Sean in the "polar bear plunge". Lesley gets the rose and Tierra gets hypothermia. Desiree and Sean repel down a mountain and she gets a rose. This week, Sean sends Sara home (before the rose ceremony) as well as Daniella and Selma*.

Episode 7
Sean and AshLee take a boat to a private island with a film crew where she tells him that she's been married and she loves him. Tierra and Sean walk around the town of St Croix where he tells her drama bothers him and she tells him she's falling in love with him. Sean shows up at the house before 5am and takes polaroids of all the girls in their beds. Creepy. He picks up Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay for their group date. They watch the sunrise on one side of the island and the sunset on the other and do a bunch of shit in between. Lindsay gets the group date rose. Lesley has a very bland one on one with Sean at an old fruit orchard. Sean talks to his sister and she tells him not to pick "that girl". Then, "that girl" goes cray cray on AshLee because she has a sparkle and can't control her eyebrow. She then tearless cries to Sean and he sends her home. Back to hell where she used to live. Lesley also goes back home (to Arkansas) and Sean will be going to the homes of AshLee, Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay next week for hometowns.

*Can I just say? Selma didn't want to kiss Sean because it would shame her family because of her culture. Her boobs hanging out all the time didn't already do that? 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nine Years

Nine years ago, I was a junior at a smalltown high school. Nine years ago, tragedy struck. Our small high school was rocked by the loss of a great student, a great athlete, a great friend.

I went to a high school that housed all four grades in one hallway. There were less than 100 people in my class. And it was the first time we had experienced something like this. 

I remember every detail of that night. I had gone to the movies with my boyfriend to see Boogeyman. It's the dumbest movie, but it really scared me, so I slept in the living room on the loveseat. (My mom sleeps on the couch because she thinks it's better for her back.)

In the middle of the night, the phone rang. I heard my mom say, "Alex Mayo? Yeah, I think I've heard Faye mention him before. He died?? What happened?"

I shot up from the couch and listened to the rest of her conversation. I then made her tell me everything that she heard on the other end.

Alex was on his way home from dropping friends off when he lost control and crashed into a tree...about a mile away from his house. He didn't survive.

I think about Alex often. I wonder what he would be like today. Would he have been a college athlete? Would he have gone to medical school or law school? I don't know. But I do know that he would have excelled in anything he attempted. He was that kind of guy.

His life may have been cut short, but he obviously made an impression on me (and many others) during his time on Earth. 

Are you leaving impressions?

Friday, February 8, 2013

25 in 25

First and foremost...happy birthday to me.

I have been planning to create a list of 25 things to do while I'm 25 for a long time. See a broadway play, get a facial, go to the movies alone...

Basically, 25 things that I've never done or wouldn't normally do.

And then I thought...


Why not just do them?

I'm going to make this year a yes year. I'll be saying yes to things I'd normally be afraid of or put off. (I'm not saying yes to everything...sorry guys.)

I'm sure I'll document them as they come at me...but I'm not making a checklist. Because making a checklist is something I would normally do.

Here's to making the most of this year...and making a change.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm sorry, Sean.

I'm two weeks behind on the Bachelor.

I know Sean, I'm sorry.

And this week has two episodes...so I'll be even further behind. I was dead set on actually watching this season (with regular blog posts)...and I've just failed completely.

And it's not that I'm not interested (which was the case with Ben and Ashley H). I am interested. I want to know what Tierra is plotting and if Lesley is still cool and how many times Sean takes his shirt off. 

Birthweek is keeping me away from it. I had drinks last night with an out of town visitor (don't get excited, it was a girlfriend), I have a dinner/tv date tonight (with another girlfriend), basketball game tomorrow night (with girlfriends), a group birthday dinner Thursday (with girlfriends and their boyfriends), and a date with the bar on Friday. Maybe I'll get to hang out with Sean on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, I'll have my sticky notes ready.

Have I been missing a ton of drama?

No spoilers, please.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musings

After a busy weekend, I can't form a complete thought, so here are a lot of incomplete ones.

1. It's my birthday week. Hooray!

2. I wrote another chapter of The Dating Diaries, but it's the most risqué thing I will have ever posted and I'm nervous.

3. I think one of my February goals might have been a mistake. Switching from beer to vodka might save me a few useless calories, but it's already causing some issues in the decision making process.

4. I had an interesting Saturday night. (see above.)

5. I think my "lucky" jersey is cursed. In 2011, I wore it cheering for the Steelers. They lost to the Packers. In 2012, I wore it cheering for the Patriots and they lost to the Giants. Last night, I wore it cheering for the 49ers. I took it off at halftime and they almost came back to beat the Ravens...but I don't think I removed it early enough. It is now retired.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 1, 2013


One month gone, five goals accomplished. 

I opened a savings account. Yesterday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, right? I read a book. Even if Haiku for the Single Girl doesn't count...I also read Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. I've tried to read it a few times in the past and never stuck with it. I'm glad I finally did. Then I watched the movie. Hello Robert Downey Jr. I only dined out twice a week for the entire month. This was, by far, my least favorite goal to stick with. I should have set a dollar amount I could spend on food instead of the number of times I could eat out. Such a hinderance! But I did it. I also changed my sheets and vacuumed my bedroom every Sunday. That's definitely a routine I'll keep. Now, did I lose 1 pound? Yes. I lost exactly one pound. Which isn't spectacular...but it was my goal.

1. No beer

2. Read devotional daily

3. Finish at least 3 home improvement projects

4. Sell my old car

5. Lose 1 pound 

This is gonna be hard. I love beer. But it contains so many useless calories. When I drink red wine, I'll have two to four glasses. When I drink vodka...3 drinks. But if I'm drinking beer? I'll drink at least 6, usually more. 
6 Miller Lites = 576 calories
4 glasses of cab = 488 calories
3 vodka waters = 207 calories

If I get around to reading my devotional (usually twice a week at best), it's before bed. I need to put my focus back where it belongs and start each day with a little bit of God's word.

I bought an old door to turn into a headboard. It's sitting in the garage. I bought a mirror to hang in the foyer. It's propped against the wall in the foyer. I bought a bookshelf to hang on the wall in the living room. It's on the floor in the living room. Time to get out the hammer and nails and get those things up on the walls.

I bought a new car in August. So I've had two cars for six months. It's time to get rid of the one I don't drive. Who wants to buy a Land Rover?

You'll see this last goal every month. Better to lose 12 pounds in a year than gain 1, right?

Are you sticking to your goals in 2013?