Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm sorry, Sean.

I'm two weeks behind on the Bachelor.

I know Sean, I'm sorry.

And this week has two episodes...so I'll be even further behind. I was dead set on actually watching this season (with regular blog posts)...and I've just failed completely.

And it's not that I'm not interested (which was the case with Ben and Ashley H). I am interested. I want to know what Tierra is plotting and if Lesley is still cool and how many times Sean takes his shirt off. 

Birthweek is keeping me away from it. I had drinks last night with an out of town visitor (don't get excited, it was a girlfriend), I have a dinner/tv date tonight (with another girlfriend), basketball game tomorrow night (with girlfriends), a group birthday dinner Thursday (with girlfriends and their boyfriends), and a date with the bar on Friday. Maybe I'll get to hang out with Sean on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, I'll have my sticky notes ready.

Have I been missing a ton of drama?

No spoilers, please.

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