Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bachelor: Hometowns + Sean Tells All

Everyone says hometowns are their favorites, but this season was a little lacking. Even with douchey brothers and bitchy sisters...I was bored.

AshLee - Houston, TX

AshLee's father is a pastor. So is Sean's. Ashley has a dog. So does Sean. Match made in heaven. No, but really. I think AshLee is my favorite. She's definitely damaged, but she's "not broken". And I think Sean would be the perfect guy to heal her. What is this? I'm supposed to be mocking these girls. Her name is spelled AshLee...but that's all I got for her. I really do like her.

Catherine - Seattle, WA

Catherine's date started in a fish market and then she said she loves the way Sean smells.

Colt 45 by Afroman on Grooveshark

Her sisters are either shocked that Catherine likes the guy because they thought she was going on the show for fun...or they're shocked that he likes her. They point out every flaw she's ever had to Sean. My sister and I don't always get along, but she'd never say all that to a guy I was seeing...much less on national television. Ultimately, Sean does not get Catherine's mother's blessing. Or her sisters'.

Lindsay - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Sean seems the most nervous to meet Lindsay's parents. I can't decide if that's because he likes her the most or because her father is a Two-star General. Before I could figure it out, the weather service interrupted my DVR recording. I didn't really mind because Lindsay's whiny voice is super annoying. It came back on in time for me to see Lindsay putting Sean through "bootcamp" that was actually kinda cute. Then Sean met the parents and yada yada, the dad wasn't as scary as he thought and they were actually all pretty cute together.

Desiree - Los Angeles, CA

Desiree treated Sean to a little prank at the beginning of their date. He got so protective and was so manly when he thought an ex was there uninvited. Not that jealousy is sexy...but it is on Sean. My roommate's dog peed in the floor & when I was done dealing with that, bro was douching it up. (I know I have DVR but I didn't care enough to pause or rewind.) Apparently bro just learned the words "reciprocation" and "playboy" because he overused both of them. Can I just say, I could see Brad or Ben being called a playboy...because they did seem to really enjoy all the ladies...but I don't think Sean is like that. Because he's perfect.

Desiree goes home with the saddest goodbye ever.

We're left with AshLee (who Sean said he was "crazy about"), Catherine (who Sean said he "thought the world of"), and Lindsay (who Sean said he was "crazy about" and "thought the world of"). Hmmm.

And then. There's the episode where "Sean Tells All". But all I really got out of it is that Sean doesn't have any regrets so far. And that he's perfect. And then we see him showering and that's enough for me to call it a successful episode.


What did you think about Desiree leaving? Who do you think will make it to the final two? Or the final one? Do you think I still have a chance to make it? 

No spoilers, please.


  1. I didnt see Des leaving...but her brother was a total douche. I was bored with the hometown dates!!

  2. I already know what happens so I wont spoil it for you, but I WILL agree that the end scene of Sean in the shower was WELL worth the episode last night haha.
    Lindsey's voice annoys me too