Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bachelor: Overnights

Before any of the dates begin, Sean describes each of his relationships. He says he and Catherine have fun together. (Fun is all I see.) He has the strongest connection with AshLee. (I've thought so all along.) And he and Lindsay had a spark that has turned into a flame. (Cheeseball.)


Sean and Lindsay kiss a lot. And somehow she even kisses in a baby voice. They go to the market to eat bugs and go to the beach to play with monkeys. You know, the usual. I wish I didn't like them together because I cannot stand her baby voice and her pouty lips. Seriously. When she finally (it's been like 6 whole weeks) told Sean she loved him...it sounded like how I tell my dog that I love him. "I lub yew Mister Mosby." Sean admits that he is falling in lub with her, too.


First of all, AshLee is my favorite. Second of all, someone needs to tell her that fill and feel do not rhyme. And now, I would just like to share the notes that I wrote during AshLee's date, word for word:

Abandoned. Abandoned. Fears. I was adopted. My parents didn't want me. Wah. Swim through a cave. Vulnerable. Cave turned into metaphor for relationship. She's too serious. We haven't seen a fun side to her. Because the adopted kid doesn't get to have a fun side, right? Sean says he's also falling in love with her and then she tells him exactly what ring she wants. NO MA'AM.


I like just sharing my notes instead of forming them into real thoughts. So here you go:

Catherine is his "best friend" too? I thought Lindsay was. Relationship talk. I'm bored with Catherine. I don't see romance.

This is the first time in Bachelor history (since I began watching) that I haven't been completely grossed out by the fantasy suite dates. Do y'all remember Vienna in her skanky lingerie? I just can't see Sean banging 3 chicks in 3 nights. He really just wants to take advantage of the time away from the camera. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

After his 3 dates, Sean asked himself and told himself that he can see himself marrying...all 3 of them. Well except maybe not AshLee since he sent her home. Sad face.

I think pre-video he was sending Catherine home. And then AshLee had to go and be all serious and cry in her video and he realized that they've never had fun together. Which was confirmed in her exit interview when she said, "This wasn't about laughter and joking and having fun." Honey, it should have been.

And now AshLee will go burn Sean's house down with her crazy eyes.

Were you surprised with the result this week? I was! Who do you think Sean will pick? Lindsay or Catherine? Or neither? Or both? That'll be a twist we haven't seen yet.

No spoilers, please.

I'm a little obsessed with this iMadeFace app, even though I'm not very good at it.


  1. I have to disagree with you about Catherine. They seem giddy around one another. Like that new love, can't get enough of you feeling. I think they have romance, and an ability to be deep and also stupid.
    AshLee was too intense. WAY too intense and serious.
    Lindsey is all about making out I think.

  2. I personally LOVE Lindsay and pray that's who he chooses. Catherine doesn't impress me!