Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dating Diaries: Vol 3

The Cab Ride

I don't know if this guy should actually be included in the dating diaries, but whatever we were...it lasted for 2 years. 
On and off, of course. (More like getting it on and getting off...amiright?)

I never thought it would be anything serious. I never wanted it to be anything serious...really. (Well, okay. I did think about it once or twice. I mean, who wouldn't think about potentially dating a rather cute law school graduate?) It wasn't a serious relationship, but it was ongoing. It was regular. It was comfortable. And it was fun. It was a lot of fun.

One Thursday night, when we were "on", we shared a cab home. Just one stop. Our usual dance followed. A drink, some chit chat, and Netflix. This time, he chose to turn on Dinosaurs. That's not relevant to the story, but I felt the need to share it.

Fast forward to Saturday. I hadn't heard from him all day, but that wasn't strange for two reasons.
1. It was a home game. In Oxford during home games, you don't get the best cell phone service.
2. It was only midnight. We usually only talked after midnight.

My friends and I were tired of the bar scene, so we decided to call a cab. I sat in the front seat because, well, I always sit in the front seat.

For those of you not familiar, cabs in Oxford are all vans or SUVs of some sort. Most charge a flat rate of $10 per person, no matter where you're going or how many stops you have. And unless you have a group to pack the cab, you'll likely be sharing it with other drunk folks.

As the cab was about to pull away, someone knocked on the window to ask if there was room for two more. There was. I immediately turned around to see who would be joining us.

It was him. And the girl he was taking home with him.

I was red in the face. Embarrassed, angry, and drunk. I don't remember much about the ride...but from what I hear, I turned around about 92 times to say, 
"Is this really happening? Really? Really? This is REALLY happening?"

The girl felt awkward, obviously, and asked the driver to take her home instead. My friend (who actually introduced me to the guy two years prior) wouldn't let it go that easily. She had quite a few choice words for the guy and told the girl, "Well you're already in this so you might as well get something out of it."

I hope she enjoyed herself. I'm sure he did. 


  1. that's so pathetic. Girl, you deserve better anyway!

  2. Holy crap. What a skeezeball. Yeah, I just used that word. Seemed appropriate...